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Regain Leg Strength/ Cardio Endurance

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Ever sinced i broke my femur (age 23) I haven't been able to withstand the slopes as before. Within a few hours on the mountains my shins begin to burn and my legs feel like they're going to give out. I have been working on my cardio and hitting the gym but still was lacking the stamina and endurance to rip down the slopes. Im a thrill enthusiast, an adrenaline junkie if you will. When my body isn't performing the way I know it can, its very frustrating! Anyways, a college friend of mine doing an exchange in Sweden recommended a book that him and his friends train with. I was really interested because he really made it seem like it was working. So on a whim I bought the book, which is less than a ski lift ticket, and I began training religiously. I really liked the workout techniques because you dont need all the workout equipment and can train anywhere, anytime. After 3 months my legs have nearly doubled in stamina and I finally feel satisfied and confident when hitting the slopes. The program I tried is called "Avalanche SKi TRaining and can be found here: http://e11a63ccyjpjt0c7hr5vgd5wan.hop.clickbank.net/ The book is definitely worth a try and will give you clear guidelines for workout routines and training methods to increase your time on the slopes. Good luck and enjoy the ski season!

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OK, this sounds like you work for the company, especially with the comment about the book being less than the cost of a ticket.

Nonetheless, has anyone actully used these exercises??

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