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Basics:  44 years old, 5'5", 160ish lbs, been skiing off-and-on since high school.  Recently back into it last 2-3 years, 5-6 days per years.


Just bought some boots, told the fitter we wanted the most comfy boots he had that still had some performance.  Ended up with Nordica Hot Rod 70W (I think...maybe 80W).  They fit her very well.


Looking for skis now, tired of the rental crap.  I asked her last night what kind of skiing she liked, and her answer was "Downhill" with a smirk.  She pretty much wants to be comfortable and cruise, I'd day 70% of the time on groomers.  She's a level 6 or 7 skier, links turns, stays parallel, always in control.  She'll disappear in the trees occasionally, and light powder when she finds it.  Definately finesse, not power.  Less work is better, or she's done mid-day.


Budget is important, since we don't ski a "lot", but I don't want to end up with something that's basically more rental quality junk.  Looking at lightly used or 2 year old closeouts.  She won't stand for a ski that looks "girly", no floral diva patterns.  I know, performance matters...but she is still a woman.


Thanks for any comments.