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An advice for a beginner.

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Hello and welcome, 


I am a beginner in the skiing. I would like to hear your opinion on a particular model of ski: Salomon CROSSMAX V12 ENGINE, radius 17.4 m sidecut 114/69/102. I am 1.94 tall and i have 115 kgWhat do you think about this model? other models are welcome too.


Thank you very much!


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Welcome to Epic.  Before you spend money on skis you should go to a boot fitter and get boots that fit your feet.  Boots are more way important than skis.  If you just go into a store/shop and buy some boots based on them feeling "comfortable," you will end up with a pair of boots that are too long and too wide and you will have a lot of trouble controlling your skis.  Don't even think about skis until you have properly fitting boots.

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Thank you very much for the advice. I'm also looking for a pair of boots:) I was thinking buying them with the flex between 60-80. It's that the right choice?

I'm sorry that I have so much questions to ask:)

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As Jim, a boot fitter from Starthaus, told someone else who also weighs 115kg:


for your size 60 or 80 will be the most effective flex for relaxing at the bar and enjoying 8 or 12 pints.eek.gif


at 250 lbs, even if you do not ski very hard, a boot with a flex rating below 100 will not be of much value for your skiing.


for a female skier skier half your weight skiing on blues or greens, an 80 flex boot would be appropriate.


Go to the "Ask the Boot Fitters" forum, read the wikis about fitting and check the list for a fitter near you.  If there isn't one listed near you, tell us where you live and probably someone can make a recommendation.  DO NOT buy boots on the internet.  Street shoe size means practically nothing in terms of ski boot size.

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I live in Bucharest, Romania. When i went to a shop where they sell boots, they told me that a boot with the flex between 100-110 is for the advanced skiers, and also for speed. I was a little wary:(

I'll start reading more about boots and also I am grateful for the advice given


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Finally i bought a pair of boots made by Nordica (by the way, the boots are made in Romania). The Model is Nordica Speedmachine 10 (flex 100). I hope i made the right choice..:)

Now i can start looking for skis...what do you think about Nordica Speedmachine 178 cm? ski links are marker 312 titanium. Are they appropriate for me? (height and weight).


Thank you!

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