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Kids snowboard help

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My soon to be 7 year old son has decided he would like to expand his snow sports horizons to include snowboarding.  He wears a size 1 boot - most of the kids bindings go from 11-1 or 2-4.  99% of what I see in the used market have the youth size binding for a 2-4 boot size.  Does anyone have any experience on using the youth binding with a size 1 boot?  I don't want to get it it there is no way it will work, but if all you have to do is crank it all the way down and it works fine - that seems like a good plan.





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If I were in your boots I'd be looking at getting the 2-4 bindings and plan on buying smaller replacement straps if I could not get those to lock down a size 1 boot. That way jr can grow into the larger bindings.

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