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Detuning your skis good or bad?

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So I took my new skis (ON3P Wrens & K2 Pontoons) to get mounted.


Long story short, I was not feeling well and anxious to get in and out as fast as possible from the shop, I agreed a detuning and a wax job for my skis.


I asked what it was, and in the short explanation he gave me it seemed like a good idea at the time. After more thought, I started to think, why would I want my skis to be less sharp, this doesnt make any sense....


So, I guess my question is, did I just pay to have my skis ruined, can I reverse this somehow  (sharpen them again)?


Feeling fooled,


Rockslide frown.gif

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I have some ON3P Viciks with the same tip rocker and tail elevation as the Wrenegades.  I initially skied them without detuning them and they were hooky and grabby to the point of being dangerous.  They come sharp tip to tail, but if you leave the tips that way then when you start to carve a turn the camber grabs as with all skis, but when you get the ski tipped a little farther over the rocker section makes contact and the other 4" of tip edge suddenly kicks in.


I started a thread here and on TGR to find out how to detune them and ended up taking the advice of another Vicik owner.  I dulled the tips about 6", which was the rocker, and I also detuned about 4" of the edges at the tails.  I skied them on groomed quite a bit today and like the way they ski, but you might want to start more conservatively, because once you dull them you cannot really get the edge back without a machine grind of the entire base.  Check here for a thread http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/99314/de-tuning-rocker#post_1288583

and you will find some other opinions.

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You didn't ruin your skis.  The shop guy probably lightly rubbed a stone down  the edge by the tips and tails (an inch or two past where it hits the snow) to "detune" it.  In soft snow or powder it won't matter, anyway.  You can always side file the spots sharp in about a minute if you ever want to.  I don't think you will ever be skiing the Pontoons on ice, so don't worry about it.


Some people like a slightly detuned ski with their carvers or race skis, while others don't seem to catch an edge so they keep the entire length sharp.  They figure if they catch an edge it is more likely from a balance problem.  To each his/her own.


Fat skis on hardpack are another issue.  I find some skis with the really wide non-rockered tips (and relatively narrower waists) are decent carvers on soft snow and tip-grabby on hard snow (skis with less taper don't seem to have this problem).   Detuning the tips help.  So may base beveling the tips more than the rest of the ski.    I think these minor tuning issues are why some people absolutely love a particular ski and hate another, while other skiers think the opposite.  With rockered skis I didn't think this was a big issue until I read the above post from Mudfoot. I just learned a bunch from  spindrift's video below!


The shop dude didn't ruin your skis.  Enjoy them!

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^^^ What those guys said. On skis of the type you are talking about you may want major detuning near the end, feathering down to no detuning as you get to where the rocker kicks. Although obviously personal preference has its place.


FWIW - one of my kids just took a grinding stone to the ends of his Hell Bents - with the goal of ultra detuning them so they are super loose & do not catch during high speed butters. The shop guys we know that he was working with on this were apparently afraid to go as radical as he wanted -- but on a ski like that, a whole of of that sharp metal is kind of silly. The metal at the ends is almost round now.


Check out this video. Salomon's approach with the Rocker 2 is to "detune" by not even having any metal edge where it is silly to have it anyway.



Enjoy your two nice skis.

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Thanks everyone for putting my mind at ease. Dunno what Id do without Epic  tongue.gif

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