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Nordica Speed machine 130

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Skied this boot for the first time today. I could not keep my weight forward. My friends said the boot is too stiff for me and that is why my weight was back. Previously skied Salomon Wave 10s and Head Raptors (flex 100 to 110). I had the Speedmachine's set at flex 120. I took out the stock footbeds that came with the boot and put in some I bought online. The arch was very high and I thought that might be the problem. I will try the Speedmachine footbeds tomorrow.   


I am 6'2" tall and weigh 220 pounds. Have skied for 50 years. Is this boot to stiff for me and if so can I make it softer? What else can anyone suggest to solve this riddle. The Speedmachine is so comfortable and pricy I hate to give up on it. Any suggestions will be appreciated.




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I'm 150 lbs (only been sking for 42 years ) and have had a pair of Speedmachine 10s for three seasons.  Flex is 110-100 and I don't find them stiff at all.  But then I came from Lange Xzeros.  With your weight I wouldn't think the SM130 would be too stiff. At the soft flex position (120 in your boot) it unlocks the cuff so getting forward should be easier.  Give them a chance.

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Thanks. I saw a local boot fitter and he said there was a way to correct the problem and get my weight forward but he would not tell me because I didn't buy from him. I bought on line at half the price and he is angry about that. I saved over $400.00 by doing so and even though I want to support local businesses I could not justify spending an extra $400.00 on the fixed income of a retired person.


Would heel lifts or anything help. I have been skiing the boot for three days now and I am getting better on them but still feel I need to get more forward.


I do have them set at the 120 flex and love the fit of this boot. I have never hd such a comfortable boot. Any help will be appreciated.


Thanks again,



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I just got a pair of speedmachine 130 and they do indeed put your weight back compared to my old Salomon boots. But I discovered why. These boots leave you in a more lateral position directly aligned with the center of the ski. A first I kept finding my weight literally be thrown back but once I got used to centering my balance I noticed a remarkable difference in carving and response to movement. In order for the boots to be more lateral forward tilting is reduced so my body possition that I was used to required adjusting to compesate but the results are fantastic. This boot fits great and is comfortable. It is very close to a racing boot without the discomfort. I would not recommend shimming the heel as is would actualy ruin the effect of the boot and create more effort to getting up on edge.


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Hope you already solved your speedmachine 130 boot problem, but if not, and if you ever ski Vail, here is a tip.  There is a small ski shop inside the lower level of the parking garage run by the "yoda" of boot fitting.  My friend had new boots purchased at a "certified boot fitter" shop that were unbearable and this guy fixed the problem in minutes.  Just trying to pass along the good karma.

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 I've been on the Speedmachine 130 for several years and find it to be a very capable boot. The built in forward lean may be slightly less than your previous boot, but, that's something you can check in the manufactures specs. Generally at larger ski areas there are bootfitters who work on a daily basis with clients boots, so, tell us where you ski and perhaps a member can give a recommendation. Getting checked out for fit and allignment is well worth the $$. I've also transitioned to a Intuition after-market liner that just blows away the stock Nordica for warmth and fit.


My first thought is that you are simply skiing standing too straight, with weight on the balls of your feet and you hips behind your feet. This position is so common when looking at the majority of people coming down the hill. You need to make sure your feet are under your hips and to work actively to pull your feet backward into this position during a turn. Try leaning very far forward against the front of you boot without trying to bend it, then start making turns on very easy terrain. Always feel some contact with the front of the boot. As stated above, this boot responds more to tipping the sides of the boot to get skis on edge. Do not try to make turns by pushing the front forward. In the early parts of the season, I work very hard on skiing centered or slightly forward. It changes everything when you get for and aft balance right.





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