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My friend and her husband and I are trying to plan a trip. My husband and I have an epic pass so we'd like to keep to a Vail Resort if possible.  My husband comfortably skis everything. I can ski everything if I have to (eg., spent 5 days in bump lessons last month and survived Bald Eagle at Beaver Creek which is a long double black mogul run at BC)  but I don't seek that kind of thing out all day the way my husband would). My friend's husband skis groomed fast but won't do bumps and my friend can do a groomed black but is really most comfortable on a groomed blue and honestly will maybe do a couple of runs and then go have cocoa. 


Overall I will probably ski with my friend and her husband until she gets tired and then ski with her husband and probably never ski with my husband unless my friend can guilt him into skiing with me. 


My husband and I love BC but have been already once this year for 7 days and would like to try someplace new. My friend  thought BC was too spread out (probably because she stayed in Bachelor Gulch). Naturally she also thinks Vail is too spread out. She is a huge fan of Steamboat (I've never been there). 


Any thoughts on happiness of all at Breckenridge, Heavenly, or Northstar? 


Any thoughts on where to stay; we'd like to try a  2 bedroom condo.  It doesn't have to be ski in ski out but not a ridiculous walk with skis either as I don't see my friend tolerating that. 


If we did Breckenridge where would be good to stay? 


This is going to be a kid-free trip so info on where crowds are smaller and kids are fewer would be nice too.