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I just posted to a new thread asking about off-piste ski recommendations and decided since I have seen so little commenting on the new Line Prophet 115s that I should re-post in this sections.  My new off-piste setup for deep Tahoe area snow is the Line Prophet 115 with Barons for skinning.  I am 58, an experienced backcountry skier (I used telemarks in the lightweight skinny days), 5'4", 135#s.  I am on a 172 because of my size, and these skis ROCK, and are amazingly maneuverable even in Sierra cement.  The skis are 153 at the early rise tip (only 5mm rise) and 142 at the twin-tip tail (no rocker except for the the twin tip).  The skis with a mapleblock core, and a die cut titanium laminate has a nice overall stiffness except for the wide rockered tip (only 25 cm from the tip.  The ski has a fairly flat normal camber, which with the beefy sidewalls give ridiculous stability when charging high speed gs turns on the way back to the lift.  Although these skis are very quick and maneuverable on groomers, I usually switch over to my 182mm underfoot AC 4s when spending more than 30% of my time on the piste (too much work going edge to edge with my short legs on 2d snow conditions).  I have skied on these about 10 days this season, in conditions ranging from snow cone consistency to what Californians call blower (most don't know what rocky mtn powder is like!). These skis will maneuver through any trees that will allow me to squeeze through, but will also let me charge fairly straight lines through chutes or steep bowls.  The titanium gives the skis plenty of pop and with the fairly stiff tails will initiate my turns even in the thick Sierra snow.  These skis are effortless in conditions that would have me panting with the gorilla turns required by my AC4s.  For living in an area that gets high density snow (yes, even when cold), this is fantastic choice for the 3d conditions I love.  If I still lived in the Rockies, I would probably want a longer ski with a pin tail, and more extreme rocker.

For Sugar Bowl, Kirkwood, and Alpine Meadows where I mostly ski, these keep my turns cranking and my smile frozen on my face - even in the sunshine!  Oh and did I mention - the graphics kill!IMG_1366.JPG