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European Skiing April

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Hello guys long time reader first time poster. Im a Ausse bloke with a couple of boys 5 and 2 years of age who is looking for a week of skiing in Europe some where over the April period. I know im coming towards the end of the ski season but im sure there is some powder out there. As those with young ones will know Dad and the 5 year old are ready to hit the slopes but Mum and the young one will be in and out so some day care will be required. Bulgaria comes up a lot in search engines but whats Bulgaria like for English speaking westerners?? France and Austria are what im leaning towards but what are these areas like for Child Care? Well any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks Shane. 




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Do a search for lech, zurs, st anton, lots of information from locals on the subject, and denizens of the area - check the eurozone thread, iwe put a TR there too,. from my humble point of view, staying in oberlech, (we were at the hotel montana, family owned Inn - but the food, holy guacamole, better than anything anywhere in north america, paris or london), and skiing lech-zurs, 3rd week of april 09, well, here is a 10 min video, scroll through .. get a lay of the land, my son had just turned 6, and he is the skier really in the family,

lots of places within spitting distance like st anton, st christoph, schruns, stuben, zug etc and lech itself is kind of a "posh" town as the brits would say.this video is on our old TR thread but inserting it here to make it easy, .


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Oh, childcare is easily obtained, there are agencies who send out young nannies etc, the inns can arrange no many like montana have a different dinner time for kids, plus movies in house in a mini theatre behind the inn in oberlech, there is a young kids center for kids like your 2 year old, i think you guys call it a creche, and igloo and all that ... where they can take care of the infants ...

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Bulgaria: really beautiful women (far better looking than those in austria) and significantly cheaper skiing, not that the first part should matter, just a local flavor tip so to speak.

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Cheers Dusty great advice. I just found out I have an old school friend in St Anton so might check it out. Thanks again.
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I would suspect you would like somewhere that is reasonably "snow-sure" so the higher resorts such as Tignes, Val D'isere, Zermat etc would be your best bet.  I dont really know Austria so cant comment but the ones mentioned above (France and Swizerland) are all high up.


I went to Tignes last April and it was in really good condition....

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