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Hertel Cold Snap

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We had another round of single digit to sub zero temperatures in the area and I had a chance to get out and ski on the new Cold Snap wax mentioned in another thread.  I applied it 1:1 with the Super Hot Sauce, scraped, brushed and polished. My skis were noticeably faster than what I would expect skiing on just the Hot Sauce at those temperatures, didn't stick and the bases still looked good at the end of the day (snow was 3-4 days old and was groomed firm).  Unfortunately I wasn't timing anything and only had the one pair of skis with me so no direct comparison to how it was performing versus another wax combination but I've been using Hot Sauce for close to 30 years and this is the best performance I've had out of my skis in these kinds of conditions by far.

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I've been thinking about getting some of this as I currently use hot sauce on my skis and board. I ski in Maine so it gets pretty cold, but I haven't skied in sub zero anytime recently. The recommended cutoff temperature where you start needing the cold snap is 6*, but where do you feel you start needing it? I need to wax before I go up each weekend, so it would be hard for me to experiment. I can only look at the weather report and hope they are right. Thanks, I've been wondering about this product recently, and they don't exactly talk about it a whole lot on their site.


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I don't think being over 6* is a concern, it's just that that is where the benefits really begin to shine.  I'm sure that in the sunshine on Saturday the temperature was in the low teens and I didn't notice any difference in the way the skis were performing.  I'm going to probably use it if a forecast morning temperature at either the base or summit is below 10*, I tend to wax and tune mid-week for the upcoming weekend and by Wednesday night they usually have the forecast pretty well dialed in.  May need to play around with it some in the warmer temps to see if there is a place where it starts to hinder the performance of the hot sauce.

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