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Need advice for a pair of eastern front side (hard pack/ice) short-turn skis

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Hey everyone.

I'm looking for advice for a new pair of eastern front side (hard pack/ice) short-turn skis.

I’m not an expert, but I like to ski and I do it fast. I’m 6’2” and 250 lbs.

Currently have a Rossi Classic CX 80-170cm and Atomic ST 11-170cm (going to my son)

I had Dynastar Contact 10 -165cm. I loved them, but I’ve overgrown them.

I have dilemma now, which one would be the best for me:

-Rossignol Classic CS 70(Radical R8S WC OS) 165cm

-Volkl Tigershark 10FT-168 cm

-Nordica Spitfire Pro XB- 170 cm

-Dynaster Contact Cross Ti- 165 cm

I’ve check postings, but didn’t find direct comparison of these models.

I’ll really appreciate your help and maybe you can add something to my list.

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I just spent 5 days on the Volkl AC30 in conditions ranging from East Coast boilerplate to slush. They performed extremely well at high speeds with both short and long turns.
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I have Rossi CX 80 for that purpose. I'm looking some 11-13 m. radius.

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That's pretty short radius, will lead you to narrow carvers. You might read Dawgcatching's reviews of under 80 skis; have a hunch the Waveflex 14 might work for you; it's 10-16 m variable radius. Also, bigger guys tend to like the Head carvers; the iSL seems to be getting strong reviews, and for something a bit more versatile, the Magnum. (The SS would be perfect, but not available in U.S. this year for whatever weird no doubt Olympics related reason.) Reviews on Real Skiers or PM Bob Peters. Have heard that the Nordica Spitfire is a great carver for bigger guys, Sierra Jim and Dawg both have talked about it. Again, a variable radius that starts at around your max (13 say).


If you were willing to go out a coupla m, to say 15, the Contact 4x4 would work really well, as would any Stockli in that width range or the Blizzard G-Power. 

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Pair of race SL skis...For a nasty east coast conditions nothing else holds good on ice like slalom skis. Anything else is a compromise. I would highly recommend Fischer or Atomic......

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I tried  Waveflex 14 in175.Great ski but..not beefy like Atomic ST  11(SL9) May be they aren't for heavyweightsrolleyes.gif

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You mean to say Rossignol Classic CS 70

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All the skis that you listed seem to be on the short side for someone your size. I'm 6'1, 208 lbs, and I ski the Dynastar Contact Cross Ti in a 178, and even that is a little soft for my weight. IMO you should be looking at a true slalom ski in the 170 range, anything less than that is going to be too wimpy for someone your size. You might want to try the Dynastar Contact 4x4 in a 172, much beefier ski. Fischer makes some nice slalom carvers. Head SS or iSL would also work. They say the new Kastle RX SL is a real winner if you can stomach the price, haven't tried it yet though.

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Mac, Few years back I demoed Head SS in 175, loved them. I tried them five years ago and the technology hasn't changed since. 

Plus in Ontario we have no mountains, just hills and on CX 80 top-down 1-2 minutes.. Therefor I'm looking for something shorter

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^^^^ Agree about how much fun a short ski can be on a small mountain (I used to enjoy a Rossi 158 9S OS on local hills), but you're skiing shorter in the models you list than I do at 165 lbs. Keep in mind that the SS was a pretty beefy ski, in the sense that the i tech will stiff it as it's twisted. So it held up under you. But few skis work like that. If you really love 'em, ask Bob Peters where you could locate one in Yrp, have it sent here. Otherwise, bet the Spitfire or 4x4 would be your tickets if you insist on staying short. If you have the $$, a Stockli SX would do the trick too. 

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I would add the following Fishers to your list:  Progressor 8+, Progressor 9+, and RC4 SC.  I own the first and like it a lot.  It's an advanced to expert ski that has great hard snow grip but is forgiving and can be skied at all speeds.  The 9+ is more of an expert ski and has a higher speed limit.  The SC is closest to a true race ski, but still forgiving enough for mere mortals.   

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+1 on the Fischer Progressor 8 in a 170 or for your height/weight a 175


I have no experience with the 9 but my guess is it's a tad more stable but a click less forgiving.


Excellent skis for hardpack/icy scratched off surfaces we have here in the east. They made me a better skier.

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I've been on the Fischer WC SC as my eastern short-radius ski for the last couple of years.  No complaints so far.  However, if you are really skiing fast, as in over 35 mph, then you probably should be on a longer radius ski; the short radius ski is likely wasted at the radius that usually comes with those speeds.

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Thanks everyone for suggestion. I ad Fischer Progressor 8+ in 170 to my list. Yet still looking for straight comparison of skis from my list in heavyweights point of view.

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