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I have a friend that has the Payback, which I think is the equivalent of the Aftershock, but for women (correct me if I'm wrong).  She owns about 7 pairs of skis, but since she picked up these, they are THE ONLY ski she has been on.  She's been beating me through the trees and powder and finally keeping even with me on the cat tracks (she used to have the Aura, but for some reason of the four women I know who have them, they all have pokiness issues on the cat track...)  She says they turn easily in all conditions and have made her a K2 believer, which apparently she wasn't before that.  Because of her enthusiasm for this ski, I'm planning on demoing the Gotback and Coomback next season.  (She's way lighter than me and on a much shorter ski, so I'm guessing I might prefer the men's version).

Yep.   My guess having skied with you.   You would prefer the Aftershock-you might even love it.


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But, I'm looking for a wider ski than that.  We had a lot of snow this year that I just SUNK in. 

Originally Posted by Pete No. Idaho View Post

Yep.   My guess having skied with you.   You would prefer the Aftershock-you might even love it.



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  Thats why I purchased the Rossi S7's in October.  Logged quite a few powder days this year and love those skis.

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Have just spent a day on Rictors and a day on Aftershocks, both at 174cm length. Both days were at Crystal Mountain WA, where the snow tends to be heavy.


Both handled crud very well, floating over stuff that you'd have to fight through with other skis. Both initiated turns quickly, reliably and with almost no effort. Both held their edges in every situation. Both did well in mogul fields. That said, each has a different target audience.


The Rictors were great cruising skis, requiring little effort to bend them to your will. Older or less aggressive skiers will find this an enjoyable ride (at 50+ years of age, I'm almost in this category). My only complaints are, they didn't seem to want to run all that fast on groomers and they sank a bit on soft snow..


The Aftershocks responded much better to an aggressive style, I'm guessing because the extra width made them effectively stiffer, and they stayed up on soft snow better. Also, when going down the groomers they ran faster than the Rictors.


Bottom line, I'm going with the Aftershocks because they handle the soft stuff better, and are better on groomers if you put the effort into it. Wouldn't want to get lazy ;<)

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I have not skiied the Aftershocks, but have skiied the Rictors over several weeks in Australian conditions last year (alternating very hard packed and thick/wet), and 9 days in Snowmass, Col. in January this year. In general I spend much of my time on the bumps, and while in Snowmass I spent a lot of time in and around the Cirque headwall. The Rictors were great in the few 6 - 12" dry powder days I had in Snowmass - no sinking issues, lots of control. They were outstanding on the steep bumps, and a pleasure in the crud and through the trees.


I find that the Rictors turn quickly and easily on the hardpack and carve turns very well almost intuitively, but I would agree with the assessment that they are a little laid back & not all out speed demons. For me, given the variety of snow I ski and the travel I do to ski it, the Rictor is a great one ski solution. What compromises there may be in an all mountain type ski, did not detract one bit from my skiing experience this year.



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This looks like a good site with worthwhile comments.  I'm shopping for new skis and seem to be headed towards the K2 Aftershock.


About me:  Age 168, 167 lbs, athletic, advanced.  Ski Colorado, spend perhaps 80% on smaller to upper mid-sized moguls.  No double blacks.  Some powder, but mostly cut up powder.  Bored with groomers but do them to get from here to there, or if skiing with others.   Like to ski well controlled, short turns, mid to fast speed.  Earlier ski was K2 Axis, 173.  Currently on K2 Recon, 167.  I liked the Recon 167 better than Axis since I was able to make faster, easier turns in bumps.


Anyway, based on comments in the forum, and some research, leaning towards Aftershock.  Undecided as to 167 or 174 length.  Probably would go 167 except this ski would be my first rocker type, so might affect preferred length?


Also considering Atomic Burner boot in either 100 or 120 flex.


I would appreciate comments re above.  Thanks.  John.

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I skied the Aftershocks last year and liked them.  But this year I switched to the Movement Source and like them a lot better.  The Movement Source is lighter and more fun.  Aftershock will do better on ice but on anything else (powder, crud, bumps) the Source is better.  On groomers, I'd call it a draw.

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I demoed both Aftershock vs Rictor last week (dec 15) and like the aftershock better.

Seams to carve better than my Volk Carvers and it is wider than Carvers so it should stay on top when you get a little snow.

I skied on 5 different ski and the Aftershock was my favoret followed by my Carver pruchased 5 years ago.

We have always know that short ski are easyer to ski and the Rocker concept is a way to make a long ski turn like a short ski.

A nother choice you should demo is the Solaman 90. I have not skied it yet buy I buddy of mine like it better than the Aftershock.

It is just a little wider all around than the Aftershock when healed bottom to bottom.


Good luck

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Age 168 and still skiing, you are an inspiration!!!


Go longer, they're very quick turning and pretty soft. The added stability will help - they'll chatter quite a bit at speed if not on edge (my chief complant).

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Originally Posted by jmaie View Post

Age 168 and still skiing, you are an inspiration!!!


Did you notice that he/she posted that in February and has not posted since? I'd be inspired by someone 168 years old too.eek.gif

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