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pink skis?

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Hello -- My wife wants pink skis :-)  Does anyone make them?  They need to be solid pink all over, not just white with pink markings etc.  I tried google and eBay but was surprised not to find any. Any ideas?  Thanks.

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Thats all what i could find for woman, The sizes are only for kids if you are talking about full Pink Skis ;]]

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Funny, women have been arguing that we didn't want "shrink it and Pink it" for our gear, now there is a special request........roflmao.gif


I'll keep my eye out and let you know what I find.

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Folsom Skis makes custom skis, semi customs skis in whatever color you want. 

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You can paint them yourself.  Here's a thread with some information about how to do it:

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Thanks so much everyone for all the helpful replies so far, and so quickly too!  BTW I stumbled across these which are solid pink too....

but at 1595 Euros they seem awfully expensive!  (After paying that much it must be pretty upsetting to have somebody in the lift line run over your tails and scratch them! :-)  Robert

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ROXY has pink skis.

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Folsom skis customs are cheaper and probably way better, of course you'll have to wait until next year.

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