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Injury and skiing ?

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So I had this torn meniscus in late September (surgery was done on October 6th). After that, I went through about 4 weeks of physical therapy. Do you guys think it's safe to start skiing back again ? How much a torn meniscus will affect skiing ? I already brought a brace that I will wear when I go skiing

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Unless there are doctors on this site, I'd stick with advice from your physician.  I don't think I'd chance if I were you, but I really have no idea how you feel or what the expected recovery time is for a torn meniscus.  The last thing you want to do is jeopardize next season with a setback. 

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You really need to let it heal, and they don't do that real fast, although you may not be feeling any pain.


Talk to your surgeon about it. I was told 12 weeks, after my meniscus surgery, but I had more complications than only the meniscus. (you may too)


Caution and restraint could perhaps go a long way to avoiding long term knee problems. For me, it was a 4 year journey from meniscus surgery to total knee replacement, with no skiing in all that time. All the cortizone shots, synvisc shots and all physical therapy never did anything but delay the inevitable for me. But that's because I didn't get the proper care and medical treatment early on in my injury.


Good luck!




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It never ceases to amaze me that people are dumb enough to ask for medical advice on an internet forum.  Internet forums are fine for some things but they are not fine for getting any kind of medical advice beyond "Ask your doctor."

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A knee brace for a torn meniscus? (Or anything really...)


We don't know what  type of tear, how it was repaired, what you PT was etc.


Ask the guy who does.

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