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NEW: Kastle RX12 skis+bindings (with Kti alloy plate) NEW: $765 SOLD

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I have a set of RX12's (actually RX, this is last year's graphic, now called the RX12 to avoid confusion, same ski) in 176cm from Kastle.  These were extras, and I was going to ski them, but have too many skis. They include the Kti alloy plate and the K12 bindings.  New, never skied.  It is this ski: http://www.kaestle-ski.com/en/product-line/hardgoods/ski/kaestle-rx12/#/overview  It looks like exactly this ski: only the catalogue name has changed. 


$765 is a hell of a price on these; that is 1/2 of retail, and they are hard to get.  This is "frontside/carver ski of the year" over at Realskiers.  If you want the best race carver and front side cruise missile around, and also a ski that can tackle some bumps and off-piste adventures in ways that few race carvers can, then this is your ski. 

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PM sent

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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post

PM sent

BUY 'em!


These are a sweeet set of skis. 



Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

 I had a chance to get on a fully race prepped pair of RX70 KTi 176's yesterday. This pair was set up with a .5/3* bevel, about 10 hours of hotboxing and about $200 wax in the bases. This was about the best prepped ski I have ever skied. While I have skied the whole Kastle line these are the ones that surprised me the most to not only the power but versatility. I had skied the RX70 in the 168 and it was a magnificent ride but the 176 truly a special ski...and I am far from a fan of 70 waisted skis. To paraphrase a great american....

Ferris: They are so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking them up. 

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^^^^ what he said...

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I own the exact same pair that Dawg is selling here.  They are fantastic boards!  Someone needs to jump on this deal.


No speed limit and hold like ice skates on hard snow.



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Hi, if you still have them i'd take them immediately, please let me know asap... Thank you!

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Sold to Rossi Smash. Thanks for the interest-I must have gotten 4 offers for them. 

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If you happen to find another pair I would be interested!

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Hi Dawgcatching, I was too slow.  Checked on the RX12s and they were already gone.  Anybody know where I can score an RX12 @ 176?  Their dealers here in UT are sold out.

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I'd be very interested in these skis...they may be a little long as I am 5' 8" in height, but close enough I would guess.  Please give me a call / email.




Ed Murray

847.477.4242 / emurray@jmepartners.com

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I may have a pair of these (the RX model) very minimally used last season with a plate, 168cm I believe if anyone is interested in that size.

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RX's are sold!  Not sure where everyone is located but I heard a rumor from a ski bud that Snow Ski and Board, right outside Rochester NY (my local shop smile.gif) has the same RX pair in a 168 for $599 he thinks.  I know they also have a few new MX78's


Just in case anyone else lives around Rochester and is interested

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what size are the mx78s? Are they mounted? What are you asking for them? Thanks



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