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Mom and the kids are on summer vacation doing the Civil War monuments tour.  Today was Gettysburg, tomorrow Appomattox. It isn't a good week to skip work so I'll meet them in DC Friday night for the usual stuff there next weekend to wrap it up.




Chance of Snow wasn't thrilled to be on the losing side hahahaha.  Sled Dog reminds him he'll be surrendering tomorrow.

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Not quite ready yet..but maybe in 2 years!  :D


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Originally Posted by Scott43 View Post

Not quite ready yet..but maybe in 2 years!  :D



Little tyke, cute ... big cat!

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Kids had fun at 2016 Nationals .. Ski skill wise team did well but looking to next year to improve other scores. : )



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Update from post 148 ""

My daughter got a bit better during her second season (2.5 years old) but the big improvements didn't come until last season (3.5 year old).


Last year she got in around 25 days, 5 of which was in group lessons. The day I will remember the most is her first backcountry ski decent a weekend before Easter.


She walked the first flat part on xc skis and then I carried her on my back with a child carrier when the hill got steeper. Her little brother in the sled behind his mother, together with her alpine setup, just in case.  Suggested her to ski down while we ate lunch at the top. She didn't want to, but then when we where ready to go she had changed her mind, and off she went.



Her grandfather had a few falls on the way down. That resulted in raw laughter and comments like" I'm going to teach grandpa how to turn and ski super fast". Her grandmother is rather slow on the downhills. "For how so long do we have to wait for grandma". Now slower than a 3 year old...




Followed her closely looking out for dangers, and to stop her if i had to. But that was not necessary. She stayed clear of streams, trees and tree wells all by her self.




She skied all the way to the bottom. Tried to repeat the success a couple of times during Easter, but each time she fell asleep in the child carrier on the way up and was not in the mood for it  when it was time to go down. And that was OK. Looking forward to next season :-)

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@Smear  - is it wrong to be jealous of a 3 year old?

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Originally Posted by bounceswoosh View Post

@Smear  - is it wrong to be jealous of a 3 year old?

 :D Well, if you refer to the being carried uphill part, then I guess that has to end soon. Starting to get heavy, and it looks a bit silly with old children in child carriers. I will miss the simplicity of just walking where and how far I want without having to play "motivation games".


There is a lot of energy in those small bodies if one is able to keep them motivated enough to use it. She walked 200 vertical meters from the top of a gondola to a mountain summit a few weekends ago without any major complaining. The path was marked with cairns with red dots and the game of walking in front and finding the next one just worked and worked and worked. I guess she would be able to walk a similar distance on xc-skis with climbing skins if the snow conditions where perfect. One can dream... :cool

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