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Kid Stoke Picture Thread - Page 6

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Picking out the skis for the season

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Darling photo!


My daughter had those exact same snow boots a couple years ago! 

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Mt Bachelor, Christmas Day... Best way to start the season

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So, I don't have a picture to accompany this, but my not-quite-2-year-old just slid around my house on a comb saying "I ski! I ski!"

I wasn't initially planning on having her on "real" skis this year, but that may change. I taught a "lesson" last week with a little boy onl a month older than my daughter. He was able to shuffle and slide to me (I had his older brother at the same time, so I couldn't just ski with him).

I guess it's time to get Ellis some boots and skis . . .
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Same girl, same mountain (Crystal), same run (Quicksilver),  much better snow, much worse camera, 3 years apart



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Here is a kid who just started nordic skiing two months ago. He's been skiing mostly freestyle (a.k.a. skate) since then. His days on classic (remember? diagonal stride?) gear number approximately three. Nevertheless, here he is yesterday, with a very bad cold, starting in a big race attended by hundreds of very experienced kids from all over the state. Gutsy. Very gusty.


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First official NASTAR finish.  Wiped out twice trying yesterday hahahaha..


That's Old Boot coaching him all the way down (there to clean up the mess if needed so others can race)




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Summer stoke


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Had one of my all time fave days at Belleayre Mountain the other day with Maddie-



password: maddie

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Now that is a joy - never skied Belleayre - we are across the river skiing usually. Very nice, she is having the time of her life as are you clearly.

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Last posted here in 2011, how time flies and how they grow


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Gearhound just like his dad

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My oldest one from earlier in this thread now 12 YO at the Prater Cup GS Qualifier in Crested Butte.  


I want to ski like her when I grow up....she crushes me now.....at least she still likes to ski with me somethimes

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The only picture I have with both of my kids on skis. This was my daughter's second time playing around on skis. She's only 17 months, and can't walk yet, but she liked being out there and kept asking for more. 



Below is some footage of my four year old son making turns earlier this season. It's a struggle to get him to make turns and not just power wedge straight down every run, but he was willing to humor me for some jelly beans. Ignore the stop in the middle. Once he knew I was filming he wanted to see the video after every turn. It took a few tried to get this one. 



And my son again, just having a good time:



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Prickly Jr. (at right, medal in mouth) scores podium in first-ever FISI sanctioned race (GS).

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A little back story:  She landed her first 360 on her second attempt. Then, landed one on every jump in the park line (6 in a row). She then went and landed her first attempt on this jump, on the big jump line. I was pretty stoked on my ten year old, and so was her coach, (check out the reaction at the end).

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You need to change the privacy setting on the video.



1st time on skis is always stoke for me.


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Took a day to start teaching grand daughter number 2 (have 4 of them and two grand sons now).  Had the perfect warm, slow day to take out my three year old grand daughter who wanted to go with me so badly all winter while I taught.


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First time (Epic)Racing.


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

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She's come a long way in 3 years, but still in pink!

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Here's another 1st time up. Only 50 yards on the flats but the only thing that matters is the size of the smile at the end.



The whole TR



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About head into trees in Eagle Wind. She's 10 and very happy!

Hiking out to the Cirque.

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Closing Day on Aspen Mountain. My 7 year old getting his few last "hucks" in before summer

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I always love when this thread has new posts!

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Father / daughter bonding time from last season :)  She was 3 at the time.  


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In heavy withdrawal mode at the end of the ski season, going through some old pictures.


First picture is my son at 4 yo.  Probably less than 5 days on skis.


Second picture is from this season.  He is 6 yo now.


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And they grow up, apparently. From Friday...

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For something different and rather addictive I observed

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eldest showing some skills:

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