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Are my Bandits right for me?

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I am trying to decide if I should buy new skis and any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Right now I have a pair of Rossignol Bandit XLs (177cm) that I chose in college because I found them used for next to nothing (the guy at the ski shop said they were in really good shape and I got a great deal when I took them in to get the bindings fitted so being a poor college student I was thrilled at the time).  Now that I am out of school and have a job I have the luxury to be a little more selective and I am wondering if they are the best fit for me.


Here's the info on me:

- Female

- 29 years old

- 5'9"

- 165 lb

- I have been skiing for about ten years and used to go a few times a year, haven't been for the past 3 years (until today) but am picking it up again

- Intermediate skier - I like to speed down the easier blues, take a little more time and really cut the edge of my skis into the mountain on steeper blues, and stay away from blacks at all costs.    I hate feeling like I'm out of control and regulate my speed accordingly.

- I ski mostly groomed trails that can get icy around here.



I ended up going skiing today with some friends on short notice.   I didn't trust my skis as is after they have been sitting in the garage for 3 yrs and I didn't have time to take them to get tuned and sharpened.   So today, I rented.   I have always worried that my skis were too long for me so I asked for something a little shorter to compare, pointing to about my nose.  He handed me a pair of 140cm.   I was really skeptical about going that short but the rental guy assured me they would be fine.


In the end, I have no idea if the differences are from being away for 3 years or the ski length.  Here is what I noticed:

- I was a little shakey for the morning, but eased into it by afternoon (I'm counting this one towards the 3 yrs off)

- My legs are not nearly as sore right now as I remember they should be

- My husband beat me down every run, and I used to keep up with him (he hasn't been out skiing for just as long as I have so he should be just as rusty as me!)


Also, I bought these around 2003-2004 I think? Has ski technology come a long way since then that it would be time to replace them anyway?


Thank you!!!!!!!!



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No (are they right for you). Yes (has tech changed to the point that you should upgrade).

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