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old pair of lange zflo

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i recently found a pair of grey lange boots they are very old look about 20 to 30 years. they are in amazing condition for the age and only have a few scratches on the buckles.but there are a few things i need to no about them but cant find any info on them. i would like to know if they had a power strap because they feel very lose around the top buckle. also around what flex do they have.. thanks 

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now power straps back then.  the grey boots we're very soft flexing.  the orange XLR of the same vintage was much stiffer.  the grey boots were a beginer/ intermediate level boot.  I picked up a pair of the grey ones for $5 a few monthes ago just for the liners. they looked brand new.  I stll ski in my XLR's and they work fine.  you can shorten the buckles by moving the bails back into a second set of holes.



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back then i no that power straps did not come with boots but you could get them 

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