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I've been skiing for 28 years or so (when did I get that old?!)  Anyway my husband got into skiing about 10 years ago so he has considerably less experience with equipment.


He started on a pair of Vokl Vectris which he quickly outgrew. Then he got a set of handmedown Atomic Supercross 11s - brand new totally would have been beyond him but they were used by my cousin's husband who is a ski instructor and beat the heck out of them.  And for the last few years he's been on the Atomic SX11 (next gen supercross) - the green/black ones and same hand me down.  Now I want to buy him his own set of brand newbies.


So far he's demoed the Blizzard 7.2 IQ and next weekend he is set to demo the Atomic Blackeye Ti.


We ski mostly in New England, piste and varying conditions.


Basically I need a direction to point him because he skis differently than I do and I'm at a loss to help him (ie: I like bumps, he does not etc).  


so his words:

His favorite types of trails are steep groomers but if he could get better at bumps he thinks he might like that too.


and regarding the Blizzards


Likes:  They turn well, are smooth (could just be that they were tuned), are softer than the SX11's, and seemed to be pretty forgiving.
Dislike:  They seemed long (the tail end was catching on bumps), and I felt like I was sitting back more than I usually do...could be because of the length or the speed.  Otherwise there wasn't much i did not like.   
Anyway thanks for reading my rambling and any help would be much appreciated!!