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Nose Protection

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I saw an instructor with what looked like a flap of fleece or thin neoprene under the lower edge of his goggles covering his nose and cheeks. He said it prevented frostbite and allowed him to breathe without fogging his goggles like they do with a balaclava pulled over your nose. I asked him if it was home made and he said NO, he bought his years ago and he did not know where to buy one today. I could not find one at shops in Big Sky. Anyone know what this is called or where to buy it Onlne?

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It's a seamless tube of merino wool. Light weight, tons of stretch, very warm, quick dry, and doesn't lose it's warmth when wet.


you can wear it on your head, you can wear it over your face, you can wear it around your neck or even as a headband.


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They are really easy to make yourself.  A little fleece and four velcro rounds to stick to the bottom of your goggles. 


There used to be an OEM one called the "Browe"?  I haven't seen them in shops for a couple of years. 

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This is about as close as I can find.,97360.html

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Is this what you're talking about?

The Pinch:

They /are/ easy to make yourself, especially if you have some way to finish material edges (ribbon can work, glue-on leatherette can work, someone with a serger wouldn't need these directions).

The design is relatively icicle-proof because the breath mostly misses the cloth. (Compared to face masks anyway) It's still worth getting better-quality fleece since ice tends to shred fleece into raggedy wisps.

Also be aware that long-term Velcro use isn't very kind to goggle foam.
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Sounds like the Pinch, which used to be readily available in areas like Tremblant & Ste.Anne for about $5.00.  The velcro on the Pinches that I have are pretty light duty as velcro goes, just enough of a hook to hold it in place under the goggles without being too hard on the foam gasket.

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I have one of these.  Works great - no goggle fogging issues.

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I have one. THey appear to be out of bisness, THIS LINK IS OLD and non-existant.

Pinch-Original was the name of mine.

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I find that when I need nose protection, I usually need upper cheek protection too. I did what this guy did:


I cut off the mouth part of a Seirus Masque (neoprene mask). I can easily stuff it in a jacket chest pocket with no bulk. To complement it, instead of a neck gaiter, I use an R1 Hoody as a baselayer, which comes up to just below my mouth - kind of like a scuba hood. The hood part can get put on/removed without digging around in pockets or a pack, to quickly adjust temperature. It's the absolute perfect system - basically easily-stored (no pack/awkward pockets) full face coverage without covering the mouth. I find that it's not really the nose that causes fogging, it's the breath from your mouth moving up the inside of whatever fabric is covering your mouth. With this system, your mouth is left uncovered, and thus, no fogging, ever.


I find with these types of masques, balaclavas, etc., that you'll often be taking them on/off based on heat output and temperature. Having a way to quickly take them off and put them back on (ease of use) is huge. If it's not easy to do this, then you won't always use them when you really should, to prevent frostbite. On the lift, I can quickly take off my helmet, and put on the R1 hood, and put the helmet back on. I can also quickly add or remove the strip of neoprene from the chest pocket. Being able to do these things without having a bunch of bulk to pack into pockets or a pack greatly increases the frequency in which I use them - which increases the frequency of my comfort. This is especially true in places that have hike-to terrain, where you might get too warm to wear this stuff on the hike up, but you'll want it at a moment's notice on the lift, and/or the ski down.


This solution is way more practical than any combination of masks, neck gaiters, balaclavas, etc, and I've tried quite a few of them.

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google the following:  "nozewarmer" and you will find a neoprene object that fits under the lower rim of your goggles.  i believe that is the product you are describing. dave

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Check out


I have a Checko and on super cold days, it's nice to have. 

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Originally Posted by SmittyNYUSA View Post

I have one. THey appear to be out of bisness, THIS LINK IS OLD and non-existant.

Pinch-Original was the name of mine.


The link is old but it redirects to:

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softshell masks for the nose and cheeks.

moldable wire sewn into it for stiffness and moldability.

comes with interchangeable ear loops and headstraps.

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FOUND a similar product / replacement:  (Pinch Original is GONE)


This looks like it does the same thing but a bit better. NO VELCRO .


I use the Pinch Orgiginal (have 2 of them, last forever). I GLUE them to the goggle foam with flexible glue. Works great.



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moldable, softshell with interchangable ear loops and head straps.


made in USA

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