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Safari problems?

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I'm using my daughter's Macbook and I'm still learning about this alleged user friendly device so the problems my lie with the dummy at the keyboard. A few problems just came up this morning. I'm using Safari 5.0 but I can't find the OS version, no, I think I found it Mac OS X 10.5.8. The first problem I had was with the full page editor. I know that I have that as a display preference but it doesn't display and when I check that preference at the top of the edit window the the command takes me to the top of the page. Second, I typed a post and hit submit and I got the 'please wait' message and the post would not submit, the page stayed there until I closed the window and I lost the post. So is it this tech impaired old fart or is it a bug?

edit, ok, I could post this message so I'll check the other problems

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Well, the page is still frozen. I think a Ravens fan has something to do with it because the malfunction is a reply to a post from epic in the Steelers Baby thread. (What, you think I would make a ski related post???) The full page editor does not appear for me. 


Just out of curiosity I opened another tab and went to the same thread and the full page editor displays there. By full page editor I mean that the reply box has all editing tools available. In the frozen submit post currently churning away in another tab the edit options are not available. I think I'll go back to Firefox, at least I figured out how to work my way around the bugs there.

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I am having problems posting from Safari, as well. At first, I thought it was just a multi-quote issue, but I could not reply to this thread with Safari, either! This is posted from Chrome.


Safari Version 5.0.3 (6533.19.4) on Mac OS X 10.6.6.

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I have version 5.0.3 and one interesting thing had happened since the upgrade -- the old shortcut in my Win7 tool bar at the base of the screen didn't work anymore...  Anyway, I seem to be able to post and edit fine with the normal tool editor...

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And also no problem with the Full Page Editor.  


Another oddity I am noticing is an inability to open a new tab and go directly to this thread using the URL:


I have to first enter New Posts, the Home Page or something, i.e. a non-blank page, before I can then paste that URL in and get to this thread.  The last release must be a mess.  I never use Safari so I don't know when this issue popped up,

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I have had trouble with losing the post a very few times as you describe.  As many times I've had it churn away for a long time telling me it was posting until I got tired of the whole affair and backed out only to find that the post had been made.  This is only a very few times.  


This was posted from Safari 5.0.3 in OS 10.5.8.

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Tonight I'm having some issues with both Safari and Chrome! Any idea what might be going on?


I'm noticing that not all of the editor is loading... the toolbar isn't always there, even when I have made a post previously in the session...

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...and today, Safari is working fine!

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