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scratch 120 bindings?

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I have a pair of Armada AR6's that I picked up from a friend very very cheap!! they came with Scratch 120's, My question is will they work for me or am I to big? I would like to play around with this ski and just add another to the quiver!!



skier type - expert  aggressive (ex GS racer)

Hight- 5'10"

weight- 190+





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The one thing you forgot to put in was your boot sole length.  According to the DIN charts you DIN should be between from 6.75 to 7.5 (unless you have really small feet), well below the 12 max on the Scratch bindings.  DIN chart aside, I am 10 pounds less and ski my Axial & Axial II bindings at 7.5 to 8 without a problem with pre-release.  I have had some Axial 100s (max DIN 10) and Axial 110s (max DIN 11) and never have had any issues with them.

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Sorry about that, my boot size is 9.5... Looks like I will be fine with the 120's!!



 Thanks a bunch,


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