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Hello, I'm new here. Hope this is the right place for the question.


On the Line website, the Chronic Cryptonite is marketed as a park ski that can go all-mountain. The YouTube videos also just show park action. On the other hand, the ExpertSkier reviews suggest that it's a fantastic all-mountain ski, almost as though its park abilities might be an afterthought. I see P90's and P100's talked about often here, but rarely do I see anything on the Cryptonite.


I live in New Mexico, ski Santa Fe, Taos, Pajarito, Park City, Durango, Telluride, 30-40 days a year.  I'm 50, 5'7", 175 lbs and consider myself advanced (level 7/8). Grew up skiing ice in the East (which is why I love skiing snow in the West). I wouldn't know a Park if it bit me, but I spend my days all over the rest of a mountain - trees, bumps, powder when I find it, groomers when I don't, off-piste and chutes when I'm with someone who knows the terrain. I don't do tricks or need to ski backwards, except when I'm videoing my kid or pretending I'm an instructor.


My old boards are 161 Salomon 1080 Thrusters with Salomon S912 Ti bindings. The bindings worked fine for the last 4 years, and I'm wondering if I can move them to new boards. After demo-ing some new skis, my old ones feel like heavy stones that are no longer fun.


On half a mountains worth of groomed snow, I demoed 2011:


Armada Arv - liked'em

Atomic Access - surprisingly easy (never been on 100's before)

Nordica Hot Rod Burner - liked'em

Volkl Bridge - fine but squirrelly. tougher to find my feet.

Fischer Watea 84 - strong but stiff. more work than I'd like. maybe i need to become a better skiier.


Though I've never skied'em, research brought me to the Line line; evo's outlet sale made me want to pull the trigger. I can pick up 173 Cryptonites for about 300 bucks, so I was hoping for comments from Epic because there's clearly some real knowledge as well as some real opinions here. 


I want the Cryptonites to be the right ski at the right price, but I'm kind of confused by the different kinds of info I've found.


Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.