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Skis+Boots suggestions needed !!!!

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I am about to buy my first set of boots and skis. I am an intermediate skier who is pretty comfortable with blue slopes. I want to progress to be solid on blue slopes and then move on to black diamond slopes.


I am particularly looking at Rossignol skis and boots. For skis, the ones I am looking at are Avenger 74 Carbon, Avenger 76 Carbon, and maybe Avenger 74 Composite. The boots that I am looking at are ExaltX 70 and 80, and Synergy Sensor 80. What do you guys think ? Any other suggestions are welcomed !!!


I know that I am an intermediate skiier so I should go with boots with flex between 70-90. But how much stiffer is 90 compared to 80 ? How much does the flex affect my skiing ? I mean I could see how a softer ski can bend easily so it helps with turns for beginners but how does boots affect the whole skiing experience ?

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Any suggestion ?

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try not to pre-judge or pre-purchase your boots.

They will be the most important part of your purchase/decision and will have the greatest effect on how you progress. Try to buy boots from a shop where you have a level of confidence that the fit you're getting will work for you all day, for mulitple days of skiing.

Boot Flex is a very variable thing and depends a lot on how well the boot wraps the foot properly. An ill fitting boot may feel too stiff just because it has hot spots and doesn't support evenly. Your weight and conditioning has a sizable effect on what equipment might suit you well.

Skis. Assuming you get something which suits your weight, you'll prolly find a good versatile ski from any manufacturer.

A good skier in well fitting boots can ski most anything well. The better they are the broader of ski types they'll feel comfortable on. They may have preferences that not all skis can fully meet, so we all make choices. But given a day, some snow and no lift lines, they'd have a ball on most anything. Same skier in poor fitting boots would have an awful day even if they had the mtn to themselves, 8 inches of pow with some corduroy in between.

The most important thing about skis is keeping them in good shape and tuned to the conditions you'll face. Even the best skis will ski less than optimally if they're not tuned after some days of skiing.

An intermediate is someone who should start learning to take care of their equipment.Course you could spend the money with a shop which does a nice tune, or you could learn directly how to do it and what works well for you on any given day or conditions.

Maybe not what you wanted to hear, but a sensible approach for any intermediate. One which hasn;t changed much over the years.

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Thank you for your comment !!! It helps a lot !!! Yeah, I will definitely have to try one boots before I buy them. Most likely, I have to buy them online since there is no shop near me (I am at college now). Can you also elaborate on the point of :"They (boots) will be the most important part of your purchase/decision and will have the greatest effect on how you progress"


So I am a small guy, 5'7, 120lbs, which size skis should be appropriate for me ? Around 154-156 or 164-166 ?


Say that the boots is a well fitting pair then how does flex rate affect my control of the skis ? With my size and level of skills, which flex rate should I go for ?

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Any other suggestions or comments ?

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A bit more information really needed.  You say you're in college and there are no ski shops around.  Where are you going to college?  How are you going to try them on if there are no shops?  Where do you plan to ski?  Knowing where you plan to ski will help quite a bit because there could be a boot fitter near there.  The importance of a properly fitting boot cannot be over-emphasized.  When I finally got a pair of boots that actually fit my feet my skiing improved instantly and by quite a bit.


Don't worry so much about flex, be more concerned about the boots being the right width for your feet.  Also, there is no way you can decide on any particular brand of boots until you try them on.  They may look good on paper and feel truly horrid when you put your foot in them.  Just because you get Rossignol skis doesn't mean you should get their boots.

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Read up on shell-fitting your boots on this forum.  If you can get a pair of boots to fit your feet without having a boot fitter work on them, you are very lucky.


Boots that fit well are essential. 


Plenty of skis will do.  $20 spent on subscriptions to real skiers review will more than pay for itself.

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Yeah, so I will be going to Jiminy Peak in MA to ski with ski club at schools and then weekend trips to big resorts in Vermont like Sugarbush and such. I guess I will be able to demo the equipments there.

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