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elan 888's

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hey guys, I am 6' 1'' and 215 lb. I am an aggressive east coast skier and spend a lot of time in the trees. I am planning on buying a pair of elan 888's. Should I get the 177 or 186 length?

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I'm 6' 1", 215 as well and I ski 888's in 186.  They are great at crud busting, holding in hard conditions, and going really fast.  They are not super quick naturally but can be made to turn fast when needed.  I'll ski trees with them and they do a good job.  I did some very tight trees at Whistler last year in icy conditions and they did very well.  I use them as my hard snow skis.

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I'm 5' 7" and ski the 177cm.  I would vote 186 for you as well, but your desire for a good tree ski would make me second guess that.  Actually your desire for a good tree ski would make me seriously question the 888 as a viable option.  It's just not a super quick turning ski.  Quickness and nimbleness are attributes you would want for a good tree ski and those are not really strong traits of the 888.  I would go for something with a 14-18m sidecut unless you like to smear all your turns.

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