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Iron Mountain Express open yet at The Canyons?

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Has anyone skied that new area?  I'd love to hear a review of the way that mountain is set up and how the runs are.  Also, can anyone tell me whether the new bubble lift and reconfigured gondola have improved the bottleneck problem in the mornings?


Thanks.  I am heading to The Canyons for my first trip this year in two weeks.

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1) Almost no wait on the bottom now.  They had a couple of brief power outages/surges in Dec., but that wasn't their fault.  Outside of that, there are no more issues with getting up the mountain.  Even if there is a tiny gondola line (unlikely), you can skate down the "beach" to the bubble chair.

2) Iron Mountain is not yet open.  There are issues with the soil that are being worked out with additional construction.  It should open this season.

3) You will have a great time there...plenty of snow in Utah with all the runs open.

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They're testing the Iron Mountain lift for the next few days, and according to one patroller are hoping to have it good to go by next weekend (another patrol said mid-month so who knows).


Saw Iron Mountain for the first time today and my first word was, "umm, that's all?". Looks fairly flat. I've been looking forward to it for a while, but the first look was disappointment.

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Is Iron Mtn the far left portion over by Dreamxxx?


Saw some photos, but they don't have any info on the website.  Right on the home page showing it, yet you click the link and it takes you to some silly portion of the site with no info.


They've been working on this area for a few years now.

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Yeah, that is it.  TImberline is the 2-way lift that gives it faster access from the bottom of Tombstone.  It doesn't look very steep, but that also means it shouldn't be closed for avy work on powder days.  It also gives them bragging rights for skiable lift-served acreage. 

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Getting close to my trip.  Still not open yet.  I am wondering who I would call to find out an answer.  The Canyons website doesn't seem to tell me how to find that out.  Certainly not a requirement to hit that one peak, but it would be fun to be one of the first thousand or so skiers to hit the new terrain.

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It opened today



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Yes- saw that on the website.  Just in time!  I'll report back on how that peak is if no one beats me to it.

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I got there just in time to merge with the herd.  The snow at the top and bottom of the lift was brown and full of gravel - like skiing in a construction zone.


The good stuff was found on the black run Heavy Metal.  It had been groomed a bit, but was very fluffy and you could set an edge into it nicely.  The area under the lift was pretty fun while it was being plundered.  I got a couple of runs in under the lift, and you could plow thru the semi-moguls without much effort.  Most of the runs merge into a single runout back to the lift, and it looks like they sent the rookie groomer in on that one.  You'd think with as much snow as they've gotten at the Canyons the cat wouldn't skarf off the snow down to the dirt, but they managed it. 


I don't think it's an expert paradise, but it's worth checking out.  I was a bit nervous to go off piste due to what appeared to be some fresh deadfall from logging out the runs.


There is a restaurant at the base area where I ate that was empty at noon.  I mean, totally empty for the entire time I was there.  At noon, on a Saturday.  2 customers, period.  I'm not telling which one it was, I just hope it's my little secret.

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Thanks for the review.  Will they possibly fix the construction snow problem?  Or do I need to get the damage waiver?

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I skied it Saturday. I don't get it. Groomers with some nice pitch at top but otherwise boring. Sloooww Timberline 2-way lift to get there from base of Tombstone. Low-down so poor coverage while the rest of the mountain was fantastic. I know Canyons is a real-estate development disguised as a ski area but this makes no sense to me.


The bubble lift is nice, and the bottom has been reworked so you can ski down Lookout Ridge to base - lots nicer than Doc's.


Access to Gondola is simplified, and the Westgate timeshare-selling flesh-eating zombies appear to have been banished.


New restaurant to open shortly top of Dreamscape/catcher.


Smokies is gone.


New logo and gross orange colors are presumably Talisker imprint, looks like something a SoCal interior decorator dreamed up.


9990 was in great shape.


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The next good snow will fix the pea gravel situation.  Either that or they're going to have to move in some snowmakers.  I wouldn't really argue with DRB's assessment - if you were an expert.  An intermediate skier would dig Iron Mtn.


Originally Posted by Michigander View Post

Thanks for the review.  Will they possibly fix the construction snow problem?  Or do I need to get the damage waiver?

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Well, I just got back.  I was impressed with the changes at The Canyons.  The Iron Mountain terrain was mostly groomers, but nice groomers.  I enjoyed it.  We hit that area right away in the morning and no one was there.  Got the corduroy to myself.  I think its a pretty nice peak.  It has better pitch than Dreamcatcher, I think.  The Flat Iron lift is kind of strange.  It sits between Dreamcatcher and the Iron Mountain and doesn't go very far.  Not sure what that's all about.  The main lift on the mountain is nice, however.  We hit several runs.  There are some blacks worth hitting, but you won't like it if all you do is ski 9990.  Not nearly that challenging.


With Iron Mountain and the Timberline lift whisking skiers away from Tombstone area, and with the newly reconfigured gondola at the base- plus the new bubble lift, the place has a new feel to it.  Many differences at the mountain.  New reservoir at the top.  New terrain park above Red Pine Lodge.  I was impressed by not having  to wait in line at the gondola.  This really helps get skiers going in the morning and prevents that bottleneck that causes angry and impatient skiing.  I recommend the Iron Mountain area to anyone who likes decent blues and wants to do some warm up runs in the morning.  Its easy to get to and it has a nice feel to it with well cut runs.  Give The Canyons a shot if you haven't been there yet this year and you plan on PC skiing.

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You'd only need the Flat Iron lift if you owned one of the houses up there - it's for access only.

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If you owned one of the houses up there I figure you would just hire someone to carry you up on their back.

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You're not kidding....those houses are bigggg.  And while on that topic, there is a run called Quantum Leap that is a nice little steep+sparse tree run that plunges down to the aspens and merges with a flat blue.  Trouble is, by the time you get down to the aspens, you realize how tight they are compared to a pretty sparse upper pine slope.  And that alone isn't the only problem.  Some yahoo built a monstrous house at the base of the run and then had the nerve to put a big fence keeping skiers from heading straight through at the bottom - hence, forcing skiers into the crammed in aspen grove.  Annoying.  If I had that kind of money I'd carve a nice run through my property for the skiers coming down and put my own trail sign on it.

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