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Looking for recommendation for all mountain expert carver ski

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I'm in the process of picking out two new skis. The first ski is the Volkl Bridge, which will probably become my main, all-mountain ski. I'm looking for another all-mountain ski that has an emphasis on carving; with the ability to also be useable in the powder, moguls, and crud. Ski will be exclusively be used out west so ice performance is not an issue here. 

I am 6'1", 195 lbs., former racer through college and I am looking for a ski that will really let me throw down serious super G turns at high speed with stability underfoot. Not looking for a racing ski...I like to mix it up on the mountain and never stick to groomers all day. Can anybody recommend a high end all-mountain ski that's biased towards carving? 

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I really like the Nordica HR-Pro Jet Fuel this season.  If you want to go a little wider there's the Blizzard 8.7 (or M-Power FS if you like a damper feel).  A little narrower would be the Blizzard 8.1.

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Two other possible choices are the Dynastar Sultan 85 and Fischer Motive 84.

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I don't consider the Sultan 85 an all-mountain carver.  It just doesn't ski like the Jet Fuels or the Magnums.  It has more of a freeride leaning (more fun/playful easy going ski).  No idea about the Fischer - haven't ridden any in years.

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Rossi CX80's or Strato's in either a 175 or 180.

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Try the Kendo in 191cm.  Not "biased" towards carving but a great carver.

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First, you might want to demo the Bridge before you buy it. That is not a ski that one should buy blind. Second, you say that the Bridge will be you main all mountain ski, then proceed to say that you want the second one to be a carver that's usable in powder, moguls and crud mainly out west. Does this mean that you'll use the Bridge mostly in the East? 


One of us is a little confused here. And BTW, there are better ways to go about this.



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Nordica Fire Arrow 80.  It covers a LOT of conditions.


Hideous graphics.


Although they're growing on me a tiny bit.

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I would like to hear more about the Fire Arrow 80 - it looks to be right up my alley - tons of sidecut with some decent underfoot width.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to demo it in the latest round because it wasn't even in Colorado (deemed too narrow for Colorado skiers - sheesh).

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Carves great on the groomers.  Smears great in the trees (upturned tail, maybe?).  Really good in crud and powder.  More sidecut than ideal for powder and crud?  Of course, but not a significant issue (I'm not looking to straight-line chutes, it's all about the turn for me, not the max speed attainable).


The best thing I can say is that this is the first ski I've ever had that is fun skiing groomers with my slower wife, then lets me go rip around with the guys at mach speed, and also holds its own in the off-piste, too.  A pretty cool ski to have for road trips that only have room for one pair (perish the thought!).


Caveat:  I don't think I've ever had a ski that I thought had too much sidecut.  Shoot, I still love to take out my Metron B5's on occasion!

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