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SLC on Business - 1 day to ski - Resort and Demo Recommendations ???

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I'll be in Salt Lake City on business, sometime in January or February.  If I have only 1 day to ski: drive from SLC, ski the day and fly out same night or early next morning, where would you recommend ?  Also, where do you recommend I rent demo skis at recommended resort - I'll bring my boots, etc, but don't want to hassle with traveling with skis - good opportunity to demo !

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Some of that answer would depend on what type of skier you are.  If you are advanced, then Snowbird or Alta would be good.  If you are not then, one of the 3 Park City resorts would be fine, the are all big and the snow should be in good shape.  Another option, a very good option, is drive just a little further(about 50 minutes from center city) and ski Snowbasin, which is good for any level skier.  They have best cruisers, lifts (2 gondolas) and infrastructure in Salt Lake.  If it is storming that day there are other things to consider, wait and see.

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Go to Snowbird!! Drive up Little Cottonwood and just lap the tram all day. Hit the cirque, West Baldy traverse and Mineral Basin. icon14.gif

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I did a day on a stopover once -- redeye to SLC, ski, fly out the next morning.

I did Solitude during the day and Brighton at night.  They are both in BCC, so that makes it easy.  

Of course, it was later in the spring so it stayed light later, making the night skiing much more worthwhile.


I rented at the big chain down in the valley -- nothing really wrong, but very limited selection of demos.  They seem to be set up for high volume intermediate rentals.  I would go somewhere else.


I did not go in, but looking in the window it looked like the on-hill shop at Brighton had an impressive selection.

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I'd do Snowbird (don't buy an Alta/Snowbird ticket just for a one day visit) and demo some fun skis from Wasatch Powder Skis.  The guy met me at the shuttle parking lot (entrance of the canyon.)  Super easy.  Had me sorted out in a few minutes.  Met me back there at the end of the day.  I'd recommend you try some PMGear skis, but they also rent some DPS and Moment skis.  :)  Have fun.




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I make the trip from Phoenix to SLC  all the time.  The 3 Park City resorts have the best deal for the $ with free skiing the day you arrive if you live out of state.  http://www.parkcityinfo.com/quickstart/. Deer Valley is the best deal because so many lifts are high speed and little time is spent getting from A to B.


If the snow is not fresh, go to Alta.  Rent demos at the rental shop in Goldminer's Daughter, they have a huge selection of great skis and they will give good advice.  You can stop at Canyon Sports in Sandy off Fort Union Blvd http://www.canyonsports.com/locations/locations.asp to get discout tickets for any of the resorts if you have to pay. This will add less than 5 minutes to your trip from airport to LCC or BCC.


Snowbird is a good option too and the rental shop on the plaza (either one) has good demos.  Only knock on Snowbird is that you spend more time getting started and finishing due to logistics of parking, tickets etc.

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Finally - Got my business trip planned to SLC.  My flight arrives  Wed. 3/2 at 10:45 AM.  I'll get a rental car and drive directly to one of the resorts to ski the rest of the day, than drive back to SLC in the evening, meetings the next day and fly out.  So.... any further recommendations ?  I would consider myself a high level intermediate, but not 'advanced' or 'expert'. First thing I'll do is check to see who has the freshest powder - but other than that.. what are your recommendations ?  Since I'll only have 1/2 day of skiing, I'd like to spend most of my time actually skiing.  I'll need to rent some decent demo skis, but will most likely bring my boots - don't want to hassle traveling with skis for just a half day. Recommendations and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Alta is open later and a little cheaper than the Bird!

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Doesn't look like the free quick start skiing at Park City is offered on your date.  To throw another option out there - go to Brighton.  Lots of good, scenic, intermediate terrain, but size of area won't overwhelm a one-day visitor.  Likely to have as good snow as anyplace.  Entire layout served by high speed chairs. Easy access from parking lot to lodge and lifts.  And they have night skiing to extend your one and only day on the slopes.  Get lots of caffeine to stay awake at meetings next day.redface.gif

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