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Today is a wonderful day!!!

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For those of you who don't know, on February 9th, 2010 I was involved in a backcountry accident that resulted in 3 people being injured.  I ended up with a fractured skull (relatively minor) and a whole slew of other injuries to bones, and tendons, etc.


Well today I was able to return to my happy place, the slopes.  Sure it wasn't the terrain I usually seek out but these past 11 months of rest and recovery have been challenging.  I was able to get a few runs at Buttermilk today and it was WONDERFUL!  I honestly don't remember the last time I stayed on green runs but I also don't remember the last time I had so a good time.  My body only had the strength for a couple of runs but I'll be getting out there again.


A few words of thanks...first of all  a HUGE thank you to the great folks on Search and Rescue.  You guys rock even though I don't remember it.  Secondly, thank you to everyone in the medical field from the nurses and EMT's to the surgeons who worked their magic.  A big thanks to all of my friends and family who have gone above and beyond to make this past year more comfortable. (Thanks for all the beer and calzones!).  A monster thank you to my PT who tortured me, pushed me and made some turns with me today.  You are a sweetheart and awesome.  A thanks to all of you for keeping me in touch with my sport through your posts and trip reports.  THANK YOU for this wonderful day

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awesome, glad to hear you're back. good work. you'll be strong like ox soon. icon14.gif

I also am having a comeback season, fully appreciating everything on the mountain, every turn a joy. I just stop more often to smell the pines and catch my breath.

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I had a similar experience (but nowhere near as severe as yours) after being out for a mere 11 days.


Skiing just a handful of runs and teaching a couple of beginners were unbelievably enjoyable to me.  It's amazing how much we appreciate things more after we are without them for a period of time.


Glad you made it back!  It's all downhill from here. smile.gif

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Thanks for kind words.  Skiing has always been about passion for me but I sought to fill that need by pushing myself to racing faster, bigger cliffs, and then bigger peaks to climb.  Today was refreshing to remember just how much fun a cruise could be.  The first time I was forced to stop almost upset me but then I looked at the the trees, the sky and the beginners taking lessons and I couldn't help but smile.  And the smile is still there.

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the tiny kids with big helmet and goggles look so cute. they always crack me up and I ski by and say: Squaw kids rip 

just part of appreciating everything on the mountain.

keep smiling, it's part of the comeback mode.

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I was worried I had trouble being cautious and slow.  No need to worry, my body wouldn't let me go that fast even.  But being the dork I am I spend all day yesterday tuning skis for this epic day.  I honestly waxed the entire quiver and mounted some new skis.  Ok that might have been  a little over ambitious but I had to do it

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Glad to hear you're back at it - and truly enjoying it!


Something for all of us to remember - it truly is a blessing and a privilidge to be in the mountains, skiing, doing something that we really enjoy.  There are so many out there that aren't able to do so: no job / money, no health, no mountains nearby, to busy, never had the opportunity to try skiing and fall in love with it, etc, etc, etc.


Keep making turns !

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...yeah, being hurt and being out-of-action for a while can definitely give us a new outlook on our lives.


When my doctor asked me what my goals were for my knee replacement I said "to be able to walk 10 blocks, or make it through a big airport". That was in 2009. Now I'm back for my second season on skis and loving it.


I don't ski as fast, or as long, but I sure do appreciate it all so much more than I ever did before.


Congrats on day the new Day 1!!

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Day 2 update:  I awoke with every fiber of my body aching!  Not complaining exercise ache.  One part of my mind tells me it's pathetic that a few green runs caused so much aching, another says it's only natural.  I went to PT again, spent some time on a spin bike burning some of the lactic acid out of my muscles.  And went up for a few more runs.  The smile stayed, the skiing was a little more shaky than yesterday but I assume that's the weary body.

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Congratulations on your comeback!   I love Buttermilk.  I spent many a day teaching my kids on Homeward Bound. I even busted my ass in the Crazy Train terrain park, much too my kids delight.  Later, I nursed mom and dad down Buttermilk West in their twilight years.  


Hopefully, you will be back to your happiest places soon, wherever they may be!




Was your accident up near Margy Hut? 

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No Margy's wasn't us.  Fortunately, there was no avalanche involved.  A guy in another group was reckless and took two of my group out.  One of the reasons I like to ski in empty area

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