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GPS Goggles (Transcend)

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Anyone actually use the Zeal Optics - Trancend? 


Pretty neat concept.  A read out in the goggle tells you time, speed, vertical. 


It tracks you GPS location all day.  You can download and track on a computer later.


Any other goggles do the same thing?

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 I have skied them about 20 days. They are awesome. The photo chromatic lenses are incredible. Thedisplay is awesome and is not at all distracting. I LOVE the display and the clock. Seeing the speed and altitude is super cool. I love that it counts my runs and that I can download and replay them then share them on the internet.

They do not fog...even better than my Smith turbo fans. Because the lense change, it seems like I am always skiing in good light with the perfect lens.

Poise, they look cool. I bought my wife a pair. She is no gear head, and she also adores them. These are loke the Apple of goggles. Perfect engineering, perfect interface...the just rock.
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I was one of the people who signed up to get first dibbs on these, but the price along with getting burned when I bought a Ski Speedometer a few years ago, made me think twice to wait for real world reviews to come in as well as the price to drop.   So I picked up a pair of Smith I/O's and so far so good.  But your review does sound promising.

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I tested the speedonated in my car and it is spot on at any speed. Plus, the zeal system calculates the speed in three dimensions, not just across the map so it figures in descent rate unlike a normal gps. It is spot on as is the altimeter.

These aree not a burn. They are the real deal.
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Do you read the the zeal display with your near or distance vision?  I am very nearsighted and ski with contacts, so I'm wondering if I will be able to read the display or not.  When I wear contacts my near vision is way out of focus.

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Ive been doing some reading and research since last night and more often than not I am not finding that people are saying that they are like a true HUD.   The data is not being presented floating out to infinity directly in front of you like in a fighter jet.   What it seems is that you have to refocus and look down and to the side to see it.   Still cool, but not exactly what I was hoping for, and certainly not for that price.  


Found a video on Youtube that an older gentleman who bought them in December for use with his ultralight, could not focus on the data because he needs reading glasses to read.   If the info had been like a true HUD he would not need reading glasses to see the information.   As a result he was selling them as they were useless to him.


Still I have yet to try them on myself so I will remain optimistic until I do.

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