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2011 ski to replace beloved Chubbs?

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I've been skiing some Chubbs as my everyday fresh snow ski for some time. I do not find the need to "float" on 6 inches of cut up snow. I''ve never met one of those bottomless powder days I read about so I don't need something as wide as a snowboard to get where I'm going. The Chubbs do everything I want to do and seem to do it well. I've rented a few current favorites while traveling and never found anything I could do more with than I can my old Chubbs. Granted, I never spent more than two days on the rental/demos but I never got a WOW I've got to have one of these. What's out there that might be similar to my old Chubbs with the benefit of some new feature like a rocker or lighter weight that I should be looking at?

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I have a pair of 170 cm Chubbs that have been skied less than a dozen times, and are in mint condition, with Marker bindings.  I will  let them go for $50, plus the cost of shipping if you are interested in continuing your love affair a while longer

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You just inspired me to take my Chubbs out today! Chubbs are (not) dead! Long live Chubbs!

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My old Chubbs died a few years ago when one of its rental bindings broke unrepairably.   They were excellent powder crud  and shallow powder skis because they were so heavy like a tank.  Just blasts through it all.  But current fats are much lighter weight that requires less effort in swing and lift weight for anyone that prefers to turn and bounce through fluff.    Also such a heavy ski is no fun climbing up anywhere to earn one's turns.

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a recommendation for Salomon Shogun (lighter weight), or the new Volkl Kendo  88mm(heavy like Chubb),

though MF's deal is sweet if you're staying Chubby.

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I would recommend you look at some of the stuff from ON3P, Praxis, and Liberty.  All newer designs with models that have very little sidecut (like the Chubb).

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Thanks MF, It's tempting but the 170 is just a little too short. I've skied the original Chubb in a 170 and it was surprisingly stable. I remember when I first tried them they were considered "Powder Only" but I found them to be good for everything but quick bam-bam-bam type of turns (which I could never do anyway) It was surprising to see that 10 years later the  Powder Only width had become the standard size All Mountain. Wonder if Buick will ever come out with another deuce and a quarter?

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if you like the chubbs, and newer skis dont feel as nice, then start hunting ebay for a pair?

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That's what I might do but I wanted to check the forum and see if there was a current production model that was highly regarded by some old Volant customers like me and VA.


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I, too, was a volant lover.  I've skied about 50 skis since they quit making those stainless steel cap skis, and I can say that nothing today is as dead damp as they were, and nothing gives that same Cadillac ride in rough snow.


But I wouldn't go back to them, either.  Today's damp skis such as Heads, K2s and Dynastars are much better all-round skis.  I'd say that Head Monsters have been the closest that I've found in dampness, but they're a bunch stiffer.


If you can demo, you'll surely discover skis that you like better in most conditions.  Well, except crud, where Volants were non pareil.

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Rossignol and Dynastar make very damp skis, it's part of their anti-vibration to keep the edge on the snow concept. aluminum alloy seems to be a good material for the sandwich.

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