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woman powder skis

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I am trying to decide between the Kiku 2011 and the missbehaved 2011. I demo'd the Kiku and loved it in the powder and the broken down powder. I also thought it was a quick turning , lively in the packed powder. It is however stiffer than the missbehaved. How would both of these be in the crud and in the moguls?


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I think the Kiku would be great in crud - haven't gotten mine out in that condition yet, but based on my other Volkls and my experience with the Kikus on other conditions I'm confident they'll do well. As for bumps, well I'm pretty inept at bumps - just started getting the hang of them last March, but prior to that I did take the Kikus into some bumps and I felt they were manageable, but probably not my first choice. I know you didn't ask about "hard pack", but I will say the Kikus were awesome on it. I really had no expectation from a set of fat skis, but they were really good. I'm sure I would not have liked the Missbehaveds as well. If you're looking for a happy "medium" there you might want to consider the Volkl Aura. The Auras are a good bump ski, do decently in crud, are good on all but ice (so western packed powder is fine) in the "groomed" realm, and will get you some float. They are only 4mm narrower at the waist than the Missbehaved and I think would be the most versatile.

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I have had the opportunity to fondle both of these skis and I just like the feel, build and flex of the Missbehaved.


The Kiku has some great merits, but I think the Missbehaved is more likely to take you all over the mountain, including the moguls.

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My girlfriend skis the Kiku and she loves it, she can ski anything now! She went from only skiing groomers to only wanting slash pow fields in a week

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