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All skis will do that if they are flat on the snow.


Most people ride the inside edges of their skis while straight running although most do not know they are doing it. Typical feet/legs in typical ski boots will have the skier on his or her big toe edges a little bit. To experience gliding most of us must spread our knees apart. Did this happen with the same boots on other skis? If you don't enjoy gliding, you might want to adjust the boot's cant. Simply spreading your legs a little farther apart while straight running might do the trick.


Quoted for truth. The wider the ski, the less likely you'll be inadvertently running the inside edge. Put another way, the wider the ski, the more ankle/leg torque required to get the ski up on edge - the human body is lazy and won't do it on wide skis while running on the cat-track unless you focus on it.


The waist makes a big difference. I notice much more wandering on my 114mm 30m radius skis than my 105mm 29m radius skis (don't really notice it anymore on these). The same is true for how sore my ankles are at the end of the day if I'm not skiing a lot of powder. My 114mm skis give me sore ankles still, but my 105mm skis no longer do. It's much more work getting the extra width up on edge.


It COULD be the tune (base material too high), but it's more likely that your body (muscle memory) is just not used to wider skis yet. I don't really notice wandering anymore on my 105mm skis.

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in the old days skis had a groove or channel cut down the center of the base. It made the ski track straight and was great. I don't understand the love of flat base skis, and that no manufacturer makes a ski with a groove in the base these days. . Flat base skis might be a little easier to turn but you sacrifice tracking with a flat base.


You might be able to custom order a ski with a groove in the base, or a well known skier could prob get a pair on request from a ski sponsor, otherwise cruise old skis for sale on ebay or craigslist. they are really cheap these days.


Some skis rate as more stable than others, but any time you run a flat ski it will wander on the snow.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^  Ummmm, no.  The center groove was never about tracking straight.  The center groove was put there to break surface suction before we had the structuring tools and machines to get the job done better.

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Interesting, I always thought the groove was to help the skis track straight. Breaking up surface tension makes more sense.

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