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Its another wacky $99 ski sale, and they've gone shopping again! They found a Nordica Free Eight (no idea what year, black and silver topsheet) ski in 138cm and 148cm. They have 1 cm riser built in.

My sister is about 5'3 and somewhere around 100 pounds. Aggressive intermediate skier who is now riding 140cm Dynastar snaps (twintip with a very deep sidecut from another $99 sale) and complains they are too short.

My mom is 5'1-ish and heavier then my sister and wants to get off of the 99cm snowblades that she was supposed to use for a day when my sister decided to try out the Snaps She likes an easy turning ski, she liked the 140cm Snaps when they were hers.

The label says its an 'all around carve' ski for intermediates. Neither of them are very picky but just want to have fun. Do you think the Free Eights will be suitable for either of them?

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