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Just wondering if this would seem too much skiing for a short period of time.


Plan of trip.


Fly from ontario to BC to city of Kelowna, then drive 2 hours to Revelstoke, stay a few days.


Next morning, ski all day at Revelstoke, and 2 more days after that, so 3 full days of skiing at Revelstoke.


Then next day, wake up early morning and drive 2 hours to day trip to Kicking Horse and ski all day there, then drive back to Revelstoke the next day? or do a day or Cat skiing some where


Then next morning drive back to kelowna, overnight stay for early morning flight back to Ontario



Am i doing too much skiing, would doing a day trip be worth the time from revy to golden bc and back in same day?


Is Kicking Horse worth checking out. or would i be best on a 4th day of ski to go on a day cat ski trip?


Thanks for all your helps