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Equipment question

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I'm a early intermediate skier that started skiing after a long lay-off, 6' 1' 190lbs and ski groomers on the east coast and my question is this:


Are intermediate skis worth anything over expert skis?


I'll go into further detail with a golf analogy. I started playing golf with traditional irons, poor ones at that, because that's all there was. Then "game improvement" clubs came later and when I would demo some cavity back irons, they would mask a lot of miss hits and swing mistakes but there was no feedback. I'm not a great golfer by any means but I play older Hogan forged muscle back irons, they offer some forgiveness but provide me the feedback that I like. I'll know if I hit a shot thin, fat, off the heel, toe etc. (even if it lands on the green). So I play clubs technically above my skill set, at least according to the manufacturer ratings, but I like them and while I could probably shoot lower scores with different clubs I don't think they would make me a better golfer, just hide some mistakes better. This would be fine if I were intent with not trying to improve my game, does this make sense? Maybe golf is a bad analogy but it's the closest one I could think of, equipment wise.


So I ski K2 Raiders 174 and they get me down the mountain just fine but I call them the ice detectors because if there is ice on the slopes they tell me right away-just like stepping on some icy steps with dress shoes. I'm pretty much a recreational skier but I still want to improve my skiing. So would skiing on skis above my abilities be a waste of time or should I explore some expert skis? By reading a lot of the reviews I would guess that something like an MX78 would be too frustrating due to my lack of skills (like trying to hit a traditional 2 iron off a tight lie) but would something like the head IM78's be too advanced?  Also, if I were to get a stiffer ski, should I get a smaller length to start?


Anyway, thanks in advance for any feedback and sorry if this is a confusing post.

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We got it I think. icon14.gif Witness:

You want a ski with _accurate_ feedback that doesn't require precision on your part but a ski that can still reward both precision and athletic prowess, when you have it.
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Yeah, that sums it up pretty accurately, and without all the rambling ha-ha. Thanks.

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