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Powder ski to complement my MX78's

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5' 09", 175 lbs

level 8-9 skier


Love my kastle MX78's ski them everywhere. Im currently at Alta this week. Skied my MX78's before a 2 1/2 foot dump and loved them, no problem in powder up to 12 inches or so, of course awesome on soft groomed, bumps. BUT...we just got a 2-3 foot dump, so I'm in need of a second set of boards. Demo'd Armada JJ (~ 115 under foot i think), and they are great off piste in the really deep stuff but not the best on soft groomed with my kids. So i was thinking something around 100 under foot or so? Or should I stay with something like the JJ. Ideally I'd have my 78's, JJ's, and something in between but 2 sets of skis the limit. My thoughts are that the JJ's are great for that knee-mid thigh powder day, but for the more common 1-2 foot dump would something around 95-100 under foot give me more use and still be OK on a big dump


This forum is my main source, have read about Kastle FX94, Blizz The One, and some others.


I get out west twice a year for a week each.  

Thoughts on a companion to the MX78's

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Yup... 2011 MX98 178


A beautiful complement to your MX78

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For my .02, unless someone is tiny, I just do not see the point of a soft snow ski much narrower than the JJ. The JJ may or may not be your style of ski -- but to echo (in reverse) the frequent chant of the skinny ski crowd: if you can not ski something like a JJ comfortably on soft groomers or cutup, u r doing wrong. IMO a modern ski of the style and rough dimensions of the JJ is a vastly superior all mountain/ all purpose ski relative to any materially narrower (say less than 110 or 105) ski on the market. At least for use  in "the west". Doubly so if it is a complement to a narrower firm snow ski. Heck, by today's reckoning, a 115 waisted ski is not even a powder specialty ski in my neck of the woods. 


If the JJ's specific personality does not sing to you, look at other modern skis like the  Rossi S7, Atomic Bent Chetler, Praxis Concept, K2 Obesthed, DPS 112RP, Line Sir Francis Bacon, maybe Salomon Rocker 2, etc., etc., etc... for that powder capable all arounder sort of thing. There are many (and many of those are covered in other threads). Going from a 78 to a 98-ish ski  - especially to a relatively conventional cambered ski - for the stated purpose is a waste of time and $$ IMO. 



( Don't worry about it - this is the advice all the shops will be dispensing within a year or two - just get ahead of the curve... smile.gif )

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Thanks for the input

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That's a great deal on Phil's 98's, or I would even go with the 108's!  I picked up some Bent's, but still prefer my XXL's.  I still like big fat GS skis.

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MX108 would be sweet!  Good luck finding one, though. The One is a nice ski, no doubt, as is the MX98, FX94....there are a lot of good skis out there. 


If I had to get a 2nd ski, it would be something wider, around 100, and probably something versatile.  I skied the Bent, and it was great in soft snow, and quite versatile for what it is.  It doesn't fit the bill for that mixed condition ski that is between the MX78 and something big though, but it does do well in any sort of deeper, softer snow condition.  I found my Huge Rocker to be more along the lines of a bigger, GS feeling all-mountain soft snow ripper (in the mold of the Legend Pro and XXL), and the Bent to be the lighter, poppier, softer snow fun variant (like an S7, but better).  Personally, there are plenty of days that I want to ski fast and aggressive in choppy, semi-soft snow, and want a bigger sweet spot than the MX78, but not something as big as, say a Bent or S7. They don't quite get the job done in moguls and soft crud at speed.  For me, that is something like an MX98 (there are lots of good variants on that ski).  Elan Spire?  Fischer Watea 98?  Volkl Mantra? 

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