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All Mountain Ski for East Coast

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Hi all.  This is my first post on this site.  I am looking to buy a new pair of all mountain skis and could use some advice from the experts.  I ski almost 100% on the east coast, am 6'3" 205 and about a level 7-8 skier.  Any recommendations would be great.  Thanks for the help.

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What kind of skiing do you do?  Bumps, groomers, trees, etc.  In other words what does the ski need to be good at?



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Mostly groomers and some bumps.  no trees really.  Just looking for something that will handle well on the typically hard pack and ice, and will also do well when we do get dumped on.  I am fairly aggressive, but don't want something that makes me work too hard.  Thanks for the help.

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Buy a Volkl AC30 in a 177 (based on your size and ability level) and you will have found your skis.

I skied my AC30's yesterday for the first time this season after buying them late last year and was reminded of why I bought them. They do everything very well! Short turns, long turns, bumps, crud and light powder. I love these skis!

Two other choices based on a couple of short demos last week. Nordica Hot Rod Tempest, Blizzard IQ Mag 7.6 and the Elan Wave Flex 7.8Ti. But my Volkl AC 30's trump them all.

Good luck and Happy New Years.

Rick G
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Finding a ski that's great  on eastern hardpack and also works well when there's a lot of fresh snow is tough.  A bit of width helps, but hard snow grip means a stiffer ski and a good powder ski means softer. A few skis that come to mind that split the difference are the Dynastar Sultan 80 and 85 and the Fischer Motive 80 and 84.  Demo a few if you can.


FWIW my "eastern" hard snow ski is the Fischer Progressor 8+ and my powder day and western vacation ski is the Dynastar Legend 8000.

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this is very helpful.  thanks everyone.  i am going to try to demo a few and will let you know how it goes.

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i ski 50-60 days a year on whatever condition okemo vt. has....... that being said, i would recommend line prophet 90's

ok in the bums, like to go fast, good in the trees and can carve.

not to mention inexpensive.  i also like the dynastar legends... you can get a great deal on them now, since they are out of production.

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AC30's are the way to go.  I'd even check out the 50's though those may be a little big

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