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Bump Clinics in Colorado

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I'm just returning to Skiing after taking 17 years off due to my leaving the mountains.  When I quite I was a working skier (both PSIA and USSCA Level II), and had skied over 100 days a year for the previous decade.


I just returned to the mountains, I've got a week on the snow this season and I'm back! 


I can ski the bulk of the mountain and get down most everything but I feel waaaay uncoordinated and my bump skiing is ugly and really painful (always a weak spot for me anyway ...).


Before anyone asks, yes I've got new gear, including a pair of Stockli Stormriders and boots properly fit by Larry in Boulder ... 


I'm looking for clinics in the area that I can attend to get back on top of my boards in the bumps ... and the crud. 


Steeps don't seem to be a problem (I've been doing race-tracks off the t-bar into horseshoe bowl at Breck ... and skiing pretty well until it gets really bumpy).


Where I struggle are runs like Mach I at Breck when it's really bumped out ... I get down it, but it ain't pretty and it hurts. 


Any ideas from locals ... ?




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Any ideas from locals ... ?

BumpBusters at Copper Mountain, with Steve "Karpy" Karp. Former pro-bumper and now highly experienced instructor, Karpy has put a lot of time and expertise into developing and refining this great program, now nearly ten years old. Check it out!

Although not specifically focused on bumps, another program that won't disappoint you is our own EpicSki Academy. To "get back on your feet," the opportunity to spend four days under the guidance of some of the nation's top coaches, with video analysis, equipment help, and the company of other dedicated skiers cannot be beat. The final camp for this season takes place in the bump haven of Aspen/Snowmass/Aspen Highlands at the end of January. Check out the web site and register soon, before it's too late.

Welcome to EpicSki, Tirador--and welcome back to skiing!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Thanks Bob ... I looked into your program, but the only local event listed was four weeks ago.  Will you be having more events here?  I'll check out Steve Karp's gig too.



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I guess I'm not quite awake yet ... it is new years eve after all. 



Aspen huh ... I'll see if I can make it.





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There's also the other Bob Barnes'  Bob's Mogul Camps at Winter Park.  There are four sessions throughout the season held on the Mary Jane side.


#1: January 21-23;

#2: February 9-11;

#3: February 23-25;
#4: March 4-6


I've crashed Bob's 8am ski bump clinics on my snowboard.   Kinda got the blood going before lineup.

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I guess I'm not quite awake yet ... it is new years eve after all.

Aspen huh ... I'll see if I can make it.

Yep--Aspen! The Aspen/Snowmass EpicSki Academy is the flagship event for this season. With four days, we'll ski some of the finest terrain at Snowmass, Aspen Mountain (Ajax), and Aspen Highlands--including the inimitable Highland Bowl, for those up for the spectacular hike. And with the snow we've been getting this season, I expect it will be awesome!

EpicSki Academy is tailor-made for what you've described, Tirador. It will bring you the highest level coaching in the country, with small groups of like-minded skiers. We'll focus on the fundamentals of great skiing that develop the versatility and adaptability for all terrain, all conditions--with plenty of those conditions to apply the skills and play. I hope you do decide to come. You won't regret it!

Happy New Year!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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To the OP I did the bumpbusters at Copper with Steve Karp about 5 years ago-I really enjoyed it and it improved my mogul skiing, but I think it was geared more to recreational skiers like myself (you are an ex level II)


They broke the group into 2 when I took it. Half of the group was intermediate at best. I lucked out and got Steve along with 2 other skiers. It was really fun and included video analysis,prizes and a bump off at the end.


Copper is not really known for good mogul runs, but had enough for the class. Back then (about 5 years ago) I had a great pair of mogul skis k2 modx which really helped me-I doubt I would fair as well on my Mantra's :)

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