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Backyard PVC Jibbing?

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I just started skiing this year, and I love it.  I really want to go to the park, but everybody says not to because I'm newer.  So far I've gone once, and without any lessons I'm carving and doing pretty well.  I was watching some videos of people jibbing in their backyards, and I wanted to get something going.  My dad doesn't want me to though because he thinks I'll ruin my skis.  The rail I would make would pretty much be a box I guess with a few PVC pipes laid across a 2X6 or something lengthwise.  So I would be sliding a box more than grinding a rail.  Would this hurt my skis in anyway?  I can't afford to have to do any major repairs or anything.  Any help is appreciated.



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Jibbing does mess your skis up and detuning your edges helps alot.  PVC works good and I've seen lots of backyard setups made from it.  Learn to ski properly first and that'll help you a lot. 


Are you looking for a summer or winter setup or both?  I'll PM you and give you a link to another site that has tons of info on backyard jibs.

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check out lots more info there

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PVC jibs are great, my friends and I make a bunch every season. It's not going to hurt your skis, if anything your scraping off bits of pvc. It wont hurt your bases or edges, just take off was if anything which i doubt is detramental


Newschoolers has more info

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