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The Love of Skiing

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Great article in the Denver post my girlfriend shared with me. Really resonated, so I'm sharing with you...


Alpine skiing provides a perfect metaphor for life: I choose my line; I decide details as I turn my way down a mountainside; I must respond — and quickly — to a lot of obstacles I didn't see coming.




Finally dumping in Breckenridge today, with more called for! Great way to end the year, and start the new one!


Happy Holidays Everyone!!  ;-)

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"Archeological evidence suggests the ski was invented before the wheel — about 500 years before"

I did not know that. We need a new cliche: reinvent the ski!


Thanks for a good read, jc-ski. Best wishes for a great ski season and year!

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My favorite quote:


"And once I've lived to tell the tale of picking my way down through deep powder or Volkswagen Beetle-sized bumps, everything else seems like a catwalk."


I wonder if there's any cake on that catwalk.


As a metaphor for life well, it must be a Buddhist one since you're reborn with every ride up the lift, giving you another chance to move closer to Nirvana (expert status).  


Either that or it's just fun.

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