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free skiing in utah the day you arrive?

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I thought utah resorts had a deal where you show your airline ticket and you get the afternoon free on your arrival day.  I have been searching the internet and couldn't find anything on this.


I am planning a late season trip (mid april) and just working on my flight info.



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Google is your friend!



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I used the Quickstart pass last year and had a great experience.  The only hard part is finding a flight that arrives early so you can maximize your time on the slopes!


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I will be using QuckStart next week to ski Park City for free.  We arrive in SLC at 10:30 and for sure we should be on the slopes by 1pm.

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Yeah, it's only Park City, not all Utah resorts. And PCMR has night skiing, so even if you can't get an early flight, you should be able to get some free turns in. There's only a couple blue and green runs open, but it's a nice warm-up--especially for free.

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Thanks for the clarification.  I thought it was all resorts as I wasn't planning on heading to PC. But for a free lift ticket I will head over if time permits.

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Yep, I learned that the Cottonwood areas and Snow Basin don't do the airline gig.

but, check out the gear rental places in Salt Lake.  Most of them sell discounted lift tickets.

for my money, I'd go to the other mountains besides the ones in Park City. the other ones are more local and have better snow.

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Does Deer Valley Do the free lift ticket with showing of your airline ticket?

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yes they do.


I'll be cashing my boarding pass in tomorrow for a free afternoon of skiing at PCMR.

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I did the Quickstart thing a few years ago and decided to use it at Deer Valley since I would never pay their price for a ticket anyway!  It worked out great!  I think we were on the mountain by 10:30 a.m.  I would definitely do that again.

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hurray, I now see the Canyons are an extra week!  I finally get something for nothing

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I've always heard that you should give yourself a day to acclimate to the altitude at the base area before going up the lift.  I wonder if the existence of the quick start program has caused an increase in altitude sickness?

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It's different for every person but with the lower base and peak elevations in Utah I don't have near the trouble acclimating as I do in Colorado.  



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I think a half day of skiing the day you arrive is a good way to acclimatize.  Even though I live in the East and ski West only twice a year I don't notice the altitude anymore, except with restless sleeping at night, which I continue to experience, even down in SLC.  And, the time change doesn't help.  Of course, getting up for the early morning flight, and the cabin pressure on the flight itself adds to body stress.


I would go for it, but take it easy if you are feeling quesy.  Make sure you deliberately drink lots of water, on flight and on the way to the resort.  This is something I notice many do not do, silly not to.


Also, for the free ticket, you have to fill out a form, which would be easier to have already done, rather than worry about it at the ticket window.

Bring, ID, Form & Boarding Pass.

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