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Just wanted some of your thoughts on the 2011 Watea 114s (with the rocker tip).


Firstly - has anyone skied them? Thoughts?


I have the 84's in 176 as my everyday ski. Best ski i've ever had to date. Wanted to add a wider pair and mount the Marker Baron/Duke to do some backcountry and for powder days. Been living in Vancouver so mostly playing at Whistler & Baker. Demoed a heap including the Elan Olympus & Blizzard "The Answer". None of them gave me that "wow" factor that the wateas did. Unfortunately no one in Vancouver or Whistler are demoing the 114's.


So i've decided to order the Wateas but second guessing length. The reason i'm unsure on the length to go with is that the rocker seems to make the skis feel shorter. I demoed skis in the 176 & 183 range and the 176 felt a little short...BUT they had both a tip & tail rocker. I think the Wateas only have an early rise tip. Given that i'm 5'8" & 160lbs, the jump to 186 seems a little big, especially because i like playing in the trees.


Still can't decide between the 176 or 186.


Any thoughts or comments would be awesome!