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advice for buying used or older skis?

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This is my first post here - I just stumbled onto this forum when I was searching for good ski communities to get advice about gear purchasing. Hopefully someone here is able to help!


I am an intermediate/advanced skier looking to purchase skis without spending a fortune of money. I've been skiing for many years and had always rented but have finally decided it is time to own my own gear. I just bought a new set of Nordica Hot Rod 85 boots and got the custom insoles made from a good ski shop, so I am all set there.


For skis, I am thinking buying used skis or a model that is a few years out of date will make good skis more affordable. I am looking for recommendations of good all-mountain skis from the 2007-2009 seasons and also potentially for good websites to purchase them. So far the only good site I've seen for buying used or older skis is eBay. Ideally I'd be able to get good skis with bindings for $400 or less - I'd be thrilled to get them for $300.


Thanks in advance for the help - much appreciated!

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Welcome. Suggest you do some searches here in the Gear Reviews forum. Too many good skis out there to go through.


I've had the best luck haunting slopeside shops with demo fleets. First, you can often buy a demo ski. Second, at the end of the season, they'll put them out for sale at really good prices, and generally the only issues are cosmetic. Plus you can pick and choose, wait for the One You Want.


If you need them now, and want a website, try Denver Wholesale, Evo or Ski Universe, one of those. Fleabay IME is very unreliable about condition of used skis unless you're dealing with an online merchant. But I'd just go rent some demos, and if I like them, make an offer...

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I always buy either at the end of the season in the spring or pick up last years gear in the fall. Usually able to get new gear at 40 to 60% off. You get new gear at the same or slighty more than used or demo gear. I deal with local shops, not online, and thus have someone to go back to if there are issues.
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1) Consider not buying a new or used skis without first taking a true-bar (of something absolutely flat) and checking the bottoms.  You will be surprised how many severely concave and convex bases are out there.

2) There are great deals in the summer into the autumn, and some great end-of-season deals on this site.

3) Some types of skis don't need to be purchased used because the prices are already so darn cheap.  For example, carving skis are out of favor because of the idiotic "fat for everything" trend.  You can find a great "new" pair a year or two old for 60%-70% off.

4)  Hot skis will sell out fast, and in this epic powder year many of the top reviewed fatter skis are already gone.  No big deal, since there will be demos for sale in the summer.  You may or may not want the demo bindings, though.  Sometimes a demo binding can be better than the regular one (Schizo vs. the lighter demo, for example), but most are heavy as heck.

5) www.Evogear.com and www.levelninesports are good places to find skis. Occasionally, you can find something at www.sacalerts.com or www.geartrade.com.  The best place to find skis is right here on EpicSki, where a couple of the sponsors announce killer off season deals.  Thousands of people look at this site.  The sponsors know this and are a pleasure to deal with. They know which skis are really good (perhaps, not reviewed anywhere) and which skis are not.   As a "supporter" you can get the Promotive deals, and some great deals exist there.

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