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So, I am looking into getting a backcountry set-up (already have the avy gear) and have the opportunity to purchase some 189 B-squads with Fritschi freeride bindings and skins for $400. From research and reading forums here, I've learned (or so I believe) that these are slightly heavny and quite stiff skis.


Fact about myself: 6' tall, ~165lbs. Advanced skier (comfortable on all runs on the mountains), but always working to improve my technique. I ski the west coast and am hoping to use these in our beautiful, fresh, snow - especially in the Baker backcountry and Whistler's Flute bowls.


My questions are:


1. Is this a good backcountry ski? How about powder?

2. Are these good backcountry bindings? My research seems to say they are, but I am not convinced (buyer's hesitation, maybe)

3. Is this a good price, assuming I find the equipment to be in good conditions? I live in Canada, where everything is a little more expensive, despite the dollar being at parity. I believe the equipment is 07-08, but it would be great if someone could confirm or recitify that date based on the advertisment photos.


Anyways, thanks for any help.