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Christmas Week = Retro Week?

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Except for Christmas Day and today I've taught every day at Red Lodge Mountain beginning on Christmas Eve.  I've been blown away by the number of people skiing pretty old gear:  long skinny skis, rear entry boots, strapless poles, neon ski jackets, even some "in the boot" ski pants.  I've seen probably 5-6 people every day and I'm not just seeing the same people, unless they have a collection of the stuff.  I rode a chair lift a couple days ago with a guy about my age, 66, green and purple Nordica rear entry boots and PRE skis about 200-210cm.  I had my Shamans and he had never seen anything like them.  He was pretty fascinated by my strange skis.  I asked him where he gets the bindings adjusted and he told me they haven't been touched in at least 10 years after a shop told him they couldn't adjust them because they were too old.  He said he only skis 1-2 days a year because it's just too hard to do anymore.  I suggested he try renting some current gear because he would likely find it easier to handle.  He said he only skis because his grandkids do and would probably quit in another year because he can't ski with them anymore.  I watched him ski off on a green run making stem christie turns and I headed for another lift to go to the top of the mountain.  It was kind of sad because I got the impression that he really liked skiing when he was younger. 

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Christmas week brings out the "people who ski" and scares away the "people who are skiers". It always boggled my mind, the people who would spend four an sometimes FIVE figures on a SKI week and then ski in the most out dated, untuned, least enjoyable gear....you came to SKI for christ sakes. 

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yeah, sittign in the airport there was a family on thier way to Big sky from Arkansas.....  Conversation went something like this with kids in sweat pants and tee-shirts and dad in his hunting hat and camo hoodie...


Me: heading up to ski?


them; yeah,  been once before


Me: taking lessons?


DAD: naah, I don't need those. they cost a lot....


Me: well a group lesson isn't all that much and since you spent a tom of money taking the family on the plane, hotel, food, clothes, lift tickets don't ya' think you might want to enjoy skiing a little more?


DAD: well, maybe, I think I can ski OK......

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Phil, they didn't come to ski. They came to go skiing.
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Not many of them around today, mostly kids and a few serious veterans.  At 10:30am it was -4F and warmed all the way up to 3F by 1:30.   It was miserable but apparently better than yesterday.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a balmy 14F with wind chill as low as -35F.  I think I'll just hide from the ski school director.frown.gif

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