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Opinions on Taos

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I am looking at some opinions/overall descriptions of the snow/terrain/skiing at Taos.  I am most familiar to skiing in the SLC area, (but also know the Tahoe, Big sky and Summit areas also) so comparisons with those areas would be useful. 



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In our resort reviews, members have written reviews, and there is a pretty good wiki for Taos Ski Valley.  I would start there for answers.  The resorts review section has really been getting nice input from members, and is a perfect place to get an impression for a resort, and maybe some insider knowledge.   In the interest of sharing, maybe you could add some reviews of areas you  know well?

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Taos is my all - USA favorite is a ZEN experience...blends a vast and steep mountain with a cultural blend of Hispanic and American fusions. The snow can be fantastic....I have been there in 30 - 36 inch dumps, and the skiing is a variety of nice cruisers and a blend of blacks and real DBD' can hike the peaks also..

The area is cool...nice little base village-some nice condotels, and hotels right at the mountain, and the little village a few miles away has a few motels/lodges..

The village of Taos is what Sante Fe used to be 30 years ago...some great restaurants, lots of shops and artworks...the pueblo, etc...

If you stay in Taos-keep in mind it is a 20 mile drive to the base...and it can be a rough drive in a storm...

If you go, and want a treat on the way in or out-look up Pajarito Mountain in Los is not open every day, but it is very cool...skip Sante Fe Resort ... not worth the time

And if you want to shake it up-hit Red River and/or Angel Fire depending on your timeframe... 

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Angel Fire you can forget unless you are a park rat. It's the only  mountain where I actually gave my lift ticket back. Red River is a cool little western town time forgot but a long way out of the way for a very small mountain. Pajarito is sweet. It's run by a club and is an experience. Santa Fe mountain actually has some really fantastic tree skiing and great views and at least is "on the way" to & from ABQ airport.


But you won't need to go anywhere else because Taos is head and shoulders above all of them. It has plenty to keep you challenged and amused. (be prepared to hike)


Check out this thread which is a sort of running travelogue of Taos last year.


Caveat: It is a La Nina year, which means the snow cover is marginal in Taos. Wait until March.

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Originally Posted by Mom View Post
Caveat: It is a La Nina year, which means the snow cover is marginal in Taos. Wait until March.

^^ This. When the snow is good, the place is epic. I've had nothing but amazing experiences there. There's definitely something special about that place. It's where I learned to ski, so maybe I'm biased, but after visiting a ton of other places, Taos still is and will probably always be my favorite.

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When I was out there a couple of weeks ago, I looked at the snow reports and went all the way up to Wolf Creek.

It is not as good a mountain, but they have snow.

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