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Powder Ski Dilemma

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I recently purchased the Surface One Life powder ski.  189 140/112/132 with Marker Griffon bindings.  I wear the Nordica speed machine boot.  I took them out for their virgin run last week.  Deep powder day here in Utah.  In the pow they were as good as advertised.  On the groomed down right bad.  Bad as in I could barely handle them.  I was bouncing trying to make very basic high speed turns.  I've skied for 24 years.  Its been 20 years since I had a ski I couldnt handle.  I'm 5'9, 180lbs.  I was aprehensive about going with a fat ski.  I have to be missing something.  I'm told the length may be longer then I can handle.  Given the fact that I've made the purchase is there any adjustment that can be made away from purchasing a shorter version or chainsawing them down to size?


Please help.

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Use them for what they were intended (I don't know the specific model you refer to), cruising soft powder. It's a quiver concept ski for some people, others can handle a 110mm as an everyday driver. Not me.


Many of my friends are backing away from skis that are 130 to 140mm waist, and riding around 110 mm instead, for the reasons you mention: getting thrown around in unfavorable conditions for their skis. Their 110mm might equate to you on a 95mm, but that ship has sailed for you and your main option is to develop a 2 or 3 ski quiver and selecting width for conditions.


Another option: Taking a 112mm onto firmer snow will require that you clean up your technique for releasing the edge, super clear upper-lower body separation. A static stance with rotation will definitely bounce you around and bruise your ankles big time.

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Cowboy the f*** up. I'm no movie star, yet I can handle Sanouks and Praxis Powderboards on the occasional groomer or hard-snow chute entry. If I can do it I'm sure you can too. That or get a pair of Supershapes and complain about how bad they suck in powder.

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He's back and taking no prisoners ^^^^. no cry babies is the cry of the wild.

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