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Nordica Doberman Spitfire Pro EDT

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I live in NY and currently ski on Volkl Mantra's which I really like. However, I'd like to find a carving ski which is more suitable for boiler plate, hardpack conditions. In addition, the ski should be capable of skiing some bumps. I don't want a mogul ski since my 50 year old body won't allow me to ski bumps all day long, but I do enjoy sking them as long as my knees allow. 


I demoed a number of skis yesterday which included Fischer Progressor 8 and 10, Salomon Enduro, Nordica Fire Arrow 80 and the Nordica Doberman Spitfire. My clear favorite was the Nordica Doberman Spitfire! However, when I returned the demos the guy in the ski shop told me that this would not be a good choice for me since the ski has two sheets of metal in it and wouldn't hold up if I skied it in the bumps. Is this true? If so, are there any other skis that I should be looking at that would have the same characteristics? My second choice from the ski's I demoed yesterday would be the Fischer Progressor 8, but I'm not sure I liked them enough to buy a pair. I've also been told that the K2 Charger might be a ski to look at. I'm 6'3" tall, so need to find a ski which is at least 175 cm long. The Mantra's I'm skiing on are 184cms. 

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Any ski that will give you the precise grip that you want for an eastie carver will have metal. In fact all the skis you tested or mentioned except possibly the Progressor 8 have metal. It is true that metal skis have the possibility of bending in moguls. Generally speaking though, skiing moguls at a moderate pace usually won't do it, you'll have to mess up pretty bad, stuff the tips into a bump at good speed or take a serious beater to bend most skis. Given that you ski on a Volkl Mantra (which is notorious for bending) and you haven't bent them, I'd say you don't ski bumps aggressively enough to worry about it.


However, if you want to find find something that isn't metal but that still has good grip, I suggest you consider the Fischer Motive 84. Much of the metal in that ski has been replaced by carbon fiber and it is more supple than the others you mention. While the Motive is not a true ice skate like the Spitfire Pro, it is good enough most of the time and is a very versatile ski. I think you'd find yourself skiing it much more often than your Mantras.




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Thanks SJ! Sounds like I should try to demo the Fischer Motive 84 as well. If I do decide to purchase the Spitfire's, do you agree that the 178 would be the correct length for me? I'm 6' 3" tall and 215 lbs. The demo's I skied were 170's which I liked but felt short and I suspect the longer ski would give me more stability. 

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Gtwigs: I have last years Spitfire Pro. The ski is ok on groomed slopes, it's nothing special. It is a good carving ski, nothing great on ice, adequate. It is stiff. The new Spitfire I have not skied. To me, it flexed softer on the ends and too stiff in front of the binding for anything more than carving groomed trails.


The ski from last year will not work well in bumps, ie.: if you take it in the bumps be prepared to have to change your technique, the ski cannot be skied straight into bumps, it's too stiff in front of the binding, if you do the ski will rocket you from the tail. The tip and tail tend to catch when skiing bumps. I find myself having to turn on the back of the bump which is not what I want to be doing in bump runs.


I would not recommend last years ski as an all around ski, only a ski for carving groomed slopes.


BTW: I have the 170.

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178 is the better bet.



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Thanks CC1. I did ski some small bumps that were fairly spaced apart and it seemed to perform well. I hope to demo again today. Hasn't the ski been redesigned since last year? The ski I demoed is called the Dobermann Spitfire Pro EDT. I've also been reading about the Blizzard G-Force Supersonic IQ which sounds like it may be a good fit for what I'm looking for. Just not sure if the Blizzard will be as comfortable at high speed. Will try to demo those today as well.


One thing I didn't mention in my initial post, the Spitfire wasn't the ski I expected to like in the initial group that I demoed. From everything I read, I expected to really like the Nordica Fire Arrow 80. I skied the Fire Arrow right after the Spitfire and I was slightly disappointed. It seemed slower edge to edge, probably because of the wider width. It also didn't seem as happy making short radius turns. After two runs, I was wishing that I was back on the Spitfires! I suspect that I might like the Fire Arrow 74 more, but they aren't sold at the ski shop that I'm working with. 

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I also have a the Nordica Olympia Conquer from last year (the woman's ski) in a 170 and 84mm underfoot. I like that ski for general all around skiing, it has a 17m radius, and a softer longitudinal flex which helps for all around skiing, for ex. when transitioning from groomed trails to bump runs or for the occasional days when new snow falls.


The Spitfire Pro is definitely quicker edge to edge due to the narrow waist and different sidecut than the 84mm underfoot ski.


I hope to try the Fire Arrow 80 and 74. They seemed very soft in the tip and tail when flexing, how did the flex for the Fire Arrow 80 feel on snow? I was concerned about the soft tail flex.


All being said, I do find myself going to the Spitfire Pro as my ski of choice, but I have to try the new one.

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